Events up to 31 Dec 2012

31st Dec 2012: Maharashtra Circle issued reliving  order of only one SDE & four JTOs on basis of stay in Maharashtra Circle, out of total six SDEs & 14 JTOs under transfer to ITPC Pune due to pressure form BSNL Corp Office & all five executives stands struck off & relived from Maharashtra Circle with immediate effect  Orders  <<<>>>      <<<>>>

 31st Dec 2012: BSNL Corp Office extended date of online registration for DGM recruitment by one day up to 1st Jan 2013. Letter <<<>>>


31st Dec 2012: Maharashtra Circle calls for Vigilance Clearance Reports for DGM Offg promotions. Letter  


31st Dec 2012: Maharashtra Circle issued reliving  order of only one SDE & four JTOs on basis of stay in Maharashtra Circle, out of total six SDEs & 14 JTOs under transfer to ITPC Pune due to pressure form BSNL Corp Office & all five executives stands struck off & relived from Maharashtra Circle with immediate effect  Orders  <<<>>>      <<<>>>


31st Dec 2012: BSNL Corp Office extended date of online registration for DGM recruitment by one day up to 1st Jan 2013. Letter <<<>>>


31st Dec 2012: Maharashtra Circle calls for Vigilance Clearance Reports for DGM Offg promotions. Letter

21st Dec 12: BSNL Executives Diary  2013: BSNL management acts for saving BSNL and as a step of  austerity measures on name of current financial position of BSNL issued order that no diaries will be distributed to executives during year 2013. Maharashtra circle also acted fast and endorsed same in lightning speed. This is New Year gift from BSNL management as executives are now officially freed from writing and maintaining day to day office diary. Order <<<>>>

An appeal to Executives:  SNEA(I),MH circle has already approach to printer for Printing Executive Diary -2013 ;hence the SNEA(I),Nashik members those who want to purchase the  Executive Diary -2013 in personal capacity may register the demand well in advance  to DS,SNEA(I),Nashik at the earliest & cost of Diary will be Rs 135/-Per piece. 

21st Dec 12:Sad demise of wife of Com Ajay Ghodmare JTO Pimpalgaon(B) : Smt. Megha A.Ghodmare,  wife  of Com Ajay Ghodmare JTO Pimpalgaon(B) passed away on 21st December 2012  at Ozar & last rites will be performed at Ozar Nashik on 22nd December 2012. SNEA[I] Nashik shares the grief of our Com Ajay Ghodmare & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

19th Dec 12: Maharashtra Circle issued list of next 40 long stayed SDEs in Maharashtra Circle under zone of consideration of  Inter SSA transfers List <<<>>>

18th Dec 2012:Massive two Days long Dharana programme by Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations: As per the call given by CHQ the massive two days long Dharana programme was organized on 17& 18th Dec 2012 by forum of BSNL unions & Associations for the demands like repatriation of Non Opted ITS Officers  or take all the BSNL  Employees (Absorbed & Recruited) to  Govt. Service and allow them to continue in BSNL on deputation like ITS & merger of 78.2% IDA with basic at  Sanchar Bhavan in a pendol under the leadership of JAC Convener & DS SNEA(I),Nashik Com S.A.Bhadane. The  gathering of executives and non executives was address by the DS of SNEA(I) Com S.A.Bhadane. Also DS AIBSNLEA Com B.D.Gaikar, DS of BSNLUE Com G.N.Wagh,,Com.Jayant Dhamane,DS of NFTE Com Godase D.N ,Com B.N Aware, Circle Secretary of BTEU Com L.M.Shinde,DP Com Shailesh Dhande & DS of SC&ST federation Com P.B.Pagare,Com Kasar,Com Tiwade were actively present throughout two days for successful arrangement of programme. In this Dharana programme  various slogans in respect of repatriation of Non opted ITS Officers were given with full enthusiasm. Most of the executives of SNEA(I) Nashik were actively participated in the program.

          SNEA(I) Nashik leaders present to the day long Dharana programme  were Jt. Sec(W) CHQ Com M.B.Sangale, Circle President MH Circle Com S.V.Bhad, CT Com P.N.Patil,DP Com A.R.Akhade ,CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan,VP Com V.D.Morkar,DT Com G.G.Borase,ADT Com A.M.Patil,ADS Com P.D.Rade, Com P.B.Vispute,Com Smt J.A.Mundalik ,Com P.M.Joshi,Com R.R.Mahajan, & EC members of SNEA(I) Com P.G.Khule,Com V.K.Jadhav,& also CS of BSNLEA Com V.P.Kulkarni,ACS Com Bagade,DP Com D.N.Gharde   were present & actively participated in the two Days  Dharana. SNEA(I) WTR/WTP/AT/Mobile branch leaders  D.C.Ahire,Com G.S.Shelar,Com Jayant Adawade, Com D.R.Aher & Com Smt V.P.Patil were actively participated in the Day Long Dharana .

         The wide coverage of the programme was given by Print & Electronics media.

          SNEA(I) Nashik conveys gratitude and  sincere thanks to all the comrades & leaders from different Unions and Associations who participated in the two day  Dharana and shown their unity  & solidarity against biased approached of BSNL management towards its own employees and officers showing their determination that in coming days struggle will be more intensified. 

18th Dec 12: Status on ITS repatriation case at Hon. High Court Delhi:ASG submitted the minutes of the Committee of Secretaries final meeting held on 12-12-2012. ASG informed the bench that Cabinet is likely to take a final decision on this recommendation by the middle of January 2013.Hon.HC of Delhi extended the last date for implementation of its order to 01-02-2013. The matter is posted to 1st February 2013. 

18th Dec 12: Leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations met concerned DOT Officers about ITS Repatriation Issue: GS Com K. Sebastin along with Chairman and Convener, Jt. Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations and GS & FS /AIBSNLEA met concern DOT officers and enquired about the ITS repatriation issue and the status of reply to be filed in the Hon Delhi High Court. It is understood that the third meeting of Committee of Secretaries headed by the Cabinet Secretary and comprising of Secy (T), Secy (Pers), Secy (Expenditure), Secy (Pension and Pensioners Welfare) and Secy (Legal Affairs) was held in the last week to clear the cabinet note on ITS absorption issue and the minutes of the meeting are expected to be issued today from Cabinet Secretary and thereafter the Committee recommendations will be sent to Cabinet for consideration. The reply Affidavit will be submitted to Hon'ble High Court Delhi on this line based on the minutes. DOT is going to pray that Group-'A' officers presently working on deemed deputation in BSNL/MTNL may be permitted to continue to work in these organisations on a temporary and diminishing basis for a maximum period of 10 years in which they would be able to build their own cadre of officers through the process of recruitment and promotions.

           We feel that as per Govt. decision allowing 10 years deputation of ITS in BSNL/MTNL will continue uncertainty, which will adversely affect the viability of both the PSUs. We will strongly oppose such discrimination and dual stand of the Govt and BSNL Mgt. We also met Director (Estt.), DoT and discussed for an early clearance of BSNL's proposal for the payment of 78.2% IDA fitment to BSNL employees and Govt. pension case of MTNL pensioners. Director (Estt) after some discussions on 78.2% IDA fitment case assured to clear it today itself. Accordingly, she cleared the case and sent to Jt. Secy (Admn) for further clearance. It is understood that the case will be sent to internal finance of DOT and thereafter to the competent authority for the approval to issue presidential directive. Director (Estt.) mentioned that regarding pension fund in MTNL the matter is under consideration of DOT.

14h Dec 2012:An Appeal to all Executives & Non-Executives of Nashik SSA : District Secretary of SNEA(I),Nashik  & Conveyor of JAC Com S.A.Bhadane appeal to comrades of all Unions & Associations of Nashik to participate  en masse in the two days day long dharana programme by applying C.L. on 17&18th Dec 2012 at Sanchar Bhavan,MICO Circle ,Nashik from 10:00hrs as per the call given by Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions and Associations for the  DEMAND:  END DEPUTATION AND RELIEVE ALL THE NON-OPTEE ITS OR TAKE ALL THE BSNL EMPLOYEES (Absorbed & Recruited) TO GOVT SERVICE AND ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE IN BSNL ON DEPUTATION LIKE ITS.  <<< View schedule of participation of SNEA(I),NSK members >>>

<<< View schedule of participation of AIBSNLEA,NSK members >>>

14h Dec 2012: Congratulation!!    Nashik Admn issued EPP-TBP(E1-E2,E2-E3 & E3-E4)orders : Our consistent efforts right from formation of committee to EPP-TBP, continuous follow-up for collections of APR & SR of executives till the conduction of TBP at Nashiik & then continuous follow-up with Circle Office administration for approval of orders yields into  success. 

     District Secretary of SNEA(I),Nashik  Com S.A.Bhadane & District President Com A.R.Akhade was in continuous touch with Nashik Admn for successful conduction &completion  of EPP-TBP process from E1-E2 , E2-E3 & E3-E4. We congratulate Nashik Admn for their fruitful & tireless efforts for the financial benefits & upgradtion of executives.  << Order1    order2 Order3 ,Order4 >>

13th Dec 12: JTO to SDE LDCE case came up for hearing at Hon.PB CAT, Delhi  on 12-12-2012. The transfer Petition filed by BSNL to transfer all the  cases related to LDCE filed in different Hon. CATs by individuals allowed by  Hon PCAT, Delhi. 

13th Dec 12: SDE to Adhocc DE Promotion case in Hon. CAT Jabalpur: Case against the seniority of 1966 dismissed by the  Hon. CAT Jabalpur on 11-12-12......View Judgment copy.

13h Dec 2012:Meeting of forum at Nashik : The meeting of forum of BSNL unions & association of Nashik division of was conducted at TRC Hall ,Sanchar Bhavan on 13th Oct 2012 at 16:30 hrs to decide the strategy for grand successful conduction  of two days Dharana programme  on 17 & 18th Dec 2012 as per the call given by CHQ  at Sanchar Bhavan. 

     The SNEA(I) Nashik leaders present & guided to the meeting were  Jt. Sec(W) CHQ Com M.B.Sangale,DS Com S.A.Bhdane ,CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan,DT Com G.G.Borase,ADS Com P.D.Rade, Com S.R.Kapdanis ,Branch leaders Com D.C.Ahire.Also CS of AIBSNLEA Com V.P.Kulkarni,DS Com B.D.Gaikar, ACS Com P.D.Bagade, BSNLEU DS Com G.N.Wagh,Com Jabbar Shaikh,Com Jayant Dhamane,DS of NFTE Com D.N.Godase,Com Aware,,CS of BTEU Com Laxaman Shinde , were present & actively participated in meeting.

  It has been decided to apply for per the programme given by District Secretary of respective unions & associations.

11th Dec 12:Sad demise of father of Com D.J.Chaudhari JTO Panchavati: Shri. Janardhan Omkar Chaudhari,77 year old  respected father of Com D.J.Chaudhari,JTO Panchavati passed away on 11th December 2012 at 16:30 hrs due to old age at Nashik & last rites will be  performed at Amardham Nashik on 12th December 2012 at 11:30 AM. SNEA[I] Nashik shares the grief of our Com D.J.Chaudhari & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

11th Dec 12: Maharashtra Circle issued District wise Executive Strength as on 10th Dec 12. Copy  <<<>>>  

11th Dec 12: Henceforth the disciplinary cases of purely administrative nature will be handled by Shri. P.R. Sule, as AGM (Disciplinary Cases), in a new section set up under Sr  GM HR & Admn Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>  

10th Dec 12:Sad demise of wife of Com S.S.Chaudhari SDE Malegoan : Smt. Chhaya S.Chaudhari,44 year old  wife  of Com S.S.Chaudhari SDE Malegaon passed away on 10th December 2012  at Nashik & last rites performed at Amardham Nashik on 11th December 2012. SNEA[I] Nashik shares the grief of our Com S.S.Chaudhari & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

9th Dec 12: Wedding ceremony of Com Kumara Swamy JTO Chandwad : The young ,dynamic  & Executive Body member of SNEA(I),Nashik Com Kumara Swamy ,JTO Chandwad got married with Chi.Sow.Divya on 9th Dec 2012 at Sadnagar Dist.Mehboobnagar (A.P)    SNEA[I] Nashik  wishes "May you love and hold each other in the worst of times with trust, faith and belief; hoping the best for you on your auspicious wedding".

8th Dec 12:Sad demise of father of Com V.M.Ahire SDE Karjat: Shri. Murlidhar S.Ahire,75 year old  respected father of Com V.M.Ahire SDE(Ex.Executive of Nashik SSA) passed away on 7th December 2012 due to old age at Nashik & last rites performed at Amardham Nashik on 8th December 2012. SNEA[I] Nashik shares the grief of our Com V.M.Ahire & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

7th Dec 12:Sad demise of mother of Com R.D.Ghate SDE Kalwan: Smt. Malati Dattatraya Ghate,83 year old  respected mother of Com R.D. Ghate passed away on 6th December 2012 due to old age at Ahemadnagar & last rites performed at Ahemadnagar on 6th December 2012. SNEA[I] Nashik shares the grief of our Com R.D. Ghate & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

6th Dec 12: BSNL demanded reimbursment of Rs 1.88 Lakh from NHAI : The team under D.E.City has taken very  much day night & tireless efforts for restoration of U/G Cable  which was completely damaged at Dwarka during the work of road widening & underpass work done by NHAI authority. Due to this heavy damage in UG cables; around thousands of Land line,ATMs & Broadband connections nearby the Dwarka as Commercially important area were disconnected for more than two day . But due to consistent efforts of Divisional Engineer (City) Shri M.L.Deore,SDE Com D.P.Yadav ,Com S.G.Shinde,JTO Shri A.R.Patil along with the team of TM & Cable jointer had taken overnight efforts to restore of 800P, 400P &  200P UG cable  within 48hours.

       Our Additional General Manager Shri Nitinji Mahajan has taken consistent efforts and arranged meeting with NHAI & demanded compensation  of Rs.1.88 Lakh from NHAI for the heavy looses of UG cable & thereof disturbed services. 

     SNEA(I),Nashik salutes the spirit shown by our comrades & Additional General Manager Shri Nitinji Mahajan to  restore the heavy damages of UG  cables & also appeal to Nashik administration to pursue the matter & take follow up of NHAI authority to recover the amount in lieu of heavy damages of UG  cables & the subscribers suffered due to these problems in past.

5th Dec 12: Department of Pension and Pensioner’s welfare New Delhi issues clarification on Eligibility of children from a void or voidable marriages for family pension.  Copy of the order <<<>>>

4th Dec 12: BSNL calls volunteers in SDE cadre for posting at BSNL Corporate office at “Own Cost’. Copy of the order <<<>>>

 4th Dec 12:Maharashtra Circle endorses the BSNL CO orders for day to day & periodical maintenance of buildings/quarters. Copy <<<>>>

4th Dec 12:Heartly Congratulation to our dynamic Member Com S.A.Salunke: Our dynamic Member & SDE PCM  Com S.A.Salunke has proved  his excellence as he has successful & passed  Bachelor Of Technology  (Electronics) exam in B Grade conducted by Y.C.M.O.U Nashik in spite of his day to day hectic schedule of maintaining  the nerves(OFC) of BSNL. By taking this  opportunity our senior leaders Jt Sec(W) CHQ Com M.B.Sangale, Circle President MH Circle Com S.V.Bhad, CT Com P.N.Patil, DP Com A.R.Akhade ,CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan & DS Com S.A.Bhadane have congratulated to Com S.A.Salunke & extended best wishes to him. 

 4th Dec 12:Update from CHQ on Notional date of promotion for LDCE candidatesHon CAT, Jabalpur also extended the notional date of promotion w.e.f. 23.01.2002 as orders by Banglore CAT and HYB CAT. Relevant portion of the judgement: " --- we allow this TA in terms of the decision of the Banglore Bench of the Tribunal in OA No 181/2009, which has been subsequently followed by the Hyderabad Bench of the Tribunal in TA No 93/2010, and we direct the respondents to assign the notional date of promotion as SDEs to the applicants with effect from 23.1.2002 with consequential benefits such as counting of experience for further promotions, annual increments etc. w.e.f 23.1.2002. However, the applicants shall not be entitled to any arrears of pay from the date of such notional fixation on 23.1.2002, but shall be entitled to arrears from 01.4.2008. Copy of Judgement. <<<>>>

3rd Dec 12:Visit of Com A.R.Manani VP, SNEA(I) CHQ & Com M.S.Adasul CS,SNEA(I) MH at Nashik : :The  delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Com M.B.Sangale Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, Com S.V.Bhad Circle President ,Com P.N.Patil Circle Treasurer,DP Com A.R.Akhade,DS Com S.A.Bhadane,CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan,DT Com G.G.Borase,Com M.L.Kothawade,Com S.V.Warungase & Com R.S.More met Com A.R.Manani ,VP,SNEA(I),CHQ & Com M.S.Adasul CS,SNEA(I) MH at Nashik  on Sunday;who were on the tour of Nashik for finalizing the work order  & Contain  of SNEA(I) diary 2013 .

1st Dec 12:Updates from SNEA (I) CHQ on 78.2% IDA Merger with basic and Meeting with Member (Fin), DOT: GS Com K. Sebastin, President Com G L Jogi along with GS and Finance Secretary of AIBSNLEA met Member (F), DOT regarding 78.2% IDA merger with basic w.e.f 01.01.2007. The queries raised by DOT were replied by BSNL two weeks back and the proposal is under the consideration of DOT, Finance. We explained the background of the issue as it is only 100% IDA neutralization as on 01.0.2007. On the date of pay revision in 2009, BSNL recorded a profit of 574 Crores and accordingly fitment was given. We have pointed out that the IDA neutralization revised from 68.8% to 78.2% on 02.04.2009, subsequent to the implementation of pay revision in BSNL. Denial of the pay revision for the employees of BSNL is nothing but discrimination as the non-optee ITS working in BSNL on deputation got 100% DA neutralization w.e.f 01.01.2006, irrespective of paying capacity of BSNL.

28th Nov 12:Meeting of Outdoor Executives of Nashik SSA : The meeting of all outdoor Executives of Nashik SSA was held at  TRC Hall, Canada Corner,Nashik on 26th Nov 2012 at 17:30 hrs for discussion on tender for "Cable & L/W job work". The meeting was addressed by our CHQ leader Com M.B.Sangale, CP Com S.V.Bhad, CS of AIBSNLEA Com V.P.Kulkarni, DP Com A.R.Akhade. All outdoor executives including DE's working in Nashik Urban & Rural area actively participated in the discussion. The meeting was also guided by CT Com P.N.Patil & DT Com G.G. Borse. Com M.L.Kothawade, Com Y.E.Saindane, Com J.B.Pekhale  were also actively participated in the discussion . The meeting was concluded by vote of thanks  by  Com B.D.Gaikar  DS of AIBSNLEA.

24th Nov 12:  Update from SNEA (I) CHQ  Meeting with Dr. Mrs. Kruparani Killi, Hon MOSC&IT on ITS issue: GS Com K. Sebastin, Convenor/Jt Forum Com V A N Namboodiri and other JF leaders met Dr. Mrs. Kruparani Killi, Hon MOSC & IT at her residence on 24.11.2012 and held discussions on relieving of ITS from BSNL & MTNL. Among MOS’s, she is holding the charge of both PSUs. JF leaders explained in detail the issue and impact of non resolution of this issue on the viability of BSNL & MTNL. We explained that the Managements proposal to continue with the non-optee ITS on deputation for another 10 years is no way going to help the revival of BSNL or MTNL and in that case, BSNL & MTNL will collapse within few years. So like the non-optees, other employees of BSNL & MTNL also should be taken back to Govt service for their job and pension security. Hon MOSC&IT had a patient hearing for about 20 minutes and assured that the issue will be further discussed with Hon MOC&IT, Shri. Kapil Sibbal. JF leaders submitted a memorandum also. 

24th Nov 12:  Present Maha Krushi Sanchar II Mobile CUG Plan will be closed from 30th Nov 2012.  Copy of letter <<<>>>

23rd Nov 12:Meeting of Outdoor Executives of Nashik SSA reschudeled on 26th Nov. 12 :Due to unavoidable circumstances the  the meeting of all outdoor Executives of Nashik SSA for discussion on tender for "Cable & L/W job work" scheduled on 23rd Nov 2012 is postpone & rescheduled on  26th Nov 2012 at TRC Hall, Canada Corner,Nashik at 17:30 hrs  All outdoor executives working in Nashik SSA ,our CHQ leader Com M.B.Sangale,CP Com S.V.Bhad ,CS of AIBSNLEA Com V.P.Kulkarni , DP Com A.R.Akhade ,DS of AIBSNLEA Com B.D.Gaikar , DS Com S.A.Bhadane & leaders of United forum of Nashik SSA & active members are requested to make convenient to attend the meeting.

23rd Nov 12:Visit of Com A.R.Manani VP, SNEA(I) CHQ  at Nashik : :The high level delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Com M.B.Sangale Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, Com S.V.Bhad Circle President ,Com P.N.Patil Circle Treasurer,DP Com A.R.Akhade,DS Com S.A.Bhadane,DT Com G.G.Borase,ADS(U)Com P.B.Vispute ,ADS(R) Com R.R.Mahajan,Com P.G.Khule met Com A.R.Manani ,VP,SNEA(I),CHQ at Nashik & felicitated with flower bouquet and discussed various issues & latest developments of BSNL.




 23rd Nov 12: Update from SNEA (I) CHQ:

·        Historical Parliament March by BSNL & MTNL Employees on 22nd Nov 2012. <<<>>>

·     Comprehensive Examination of BSNL by Committee of Public Undertakings (COPU)  <<<>>


22nd Nov 12:Meeting of Outdoor Executives of Nashik SSA :On 23rd Nov 2012  the meeting of all outdoor Executives of Nashik SSA is called by our CHQ leader Com M.B.Sangale,CP Com S.V.Bhad , DP Com A.R.Akhade & DS for discussion on tender for "Cable & L/W job work"  at TRC Hall, Canada Corner,Nashik at 17:30 hrs. All outdoor executives working in Nashik SSA & active members are requested to make convenient to attend the meeting. 

22nd Nov 12:Commisioning  of  OCB 283 RSU at CC by Shri Nitinji Mahajan Add G.M Nashik :On 19th Nov 2012  conversion of E10B to OCB 283 RSU  of 3.5K out of 9K plan at Canada Corner is commissioned  with the auspicious hand  of Shri Nitinji Mahajan Add G.M.Nashik. Our  ADS(U)  & DE  CC Com P.D.Rade has taken lots of efforts for installation & commissioning OCB 283 at CC with the help of  team of installation. Our SNEA(I) members & Executive of Canada Corner Com  D.C.Ahire(DE AT),Com C.S.Tonpe,Com M.H.Kalkar,Com L.P.Joshi,Com N.G.Nikam,Com A.L.Bhadarge Com S.B.Patil,Com V.D.Morkar,Com S.N.Medhane,Com P.G.Khule,Com D.R.Jadhav,Com A.M.Patil,Com S.V.Deore,Com R.V.Wani,Com Smt J.J.Patil,Com Smt Varsha Ahire,Com V.N.Kadbhane,Com N.C.Lad,Com P.U.Hingmire were attended & participated in the programme.

 AT certificate for commissioning of  OCB 283RSU was issued by Shri D.C.Ahire DE to Shri Nitinji Mahajan Add G.M.Nashik in   this programme .

21st Nov 12: Meeting with Shri. Harishchandraji Chavan, Hon. MP Dindori: On 21st Nov 12 the  high level delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Com M.B.Sangale Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, Com S.V.Bhad Circle President, DP Com A.R.Akhade,DS Com S.A.Bhadane, VP Com V.D.Morkar, ADS(U)Com P.B.Vispute & Com K.P.Kulkarni Ex DS Aurangabad met Hon MP  Shri. Harishchndraji Chavan ,MP Dindori and submitted memorandum on ITS absorption issue. After detail discussions on issue, Hon. MP Shri. Harishchndraji Chavan  assured that he will take up this issue in coming Parliament session and see that issue is settled at the earliest.  More efforts to accord the visit of Hon. MP was taken by Com. D.R.Aher, Exe.Body member of Branch & Com A.S.Patil.

                                     <<<Letter from MP>>>

21st Nov 12: Meeting with Shri. Pratapdadaji  Sonawane, Hon. MP Dhule: On 20th Nov 12 the delegation of leaders of United Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations Nashik consisting Com.R.R.Mahajan ADS(R),Nashik & Com R.P.Patil active member of AIBSNLEA Nashik met Hon MP  Shri. Pratapdadaji Sonawane. MP Dhule and submitted memorandum on ITS absorption issue. After detail discussions on issue, Hon. MP Shri. Pratapdadaji Sonawane. assured that he will take up this issue in coming Parliament session . 

                             <<<Letter from MP>>>

20th Nov 12:SLP in the Hon Supreme Court on quashing of seniority list No.6 & 7: The SLP filed by BSNL and some individuals against the Hon Bombay and Kerala High Court judgments admitted by the Hon Supreme Court today. The matter is posted to be heard after 10 weeks. Further Hon SC stayed the contempt proceeding on the same matter at Hon CAT, Ernakulam. Hon court directed the impleading applicants from Punjab & Haryana to file a transfer application in the Hon Punjab & Haryana High Court to transfer the appeal pending before it in this matter to Hon SC, so that all the cases can be heard together. This development paves the way for starting DPC to Regular/Adhoc DEs. 

17th Nov 12:Sad demise of father of Shri Vilasji Burde DGM: Shri  Shivshankar D. Burde ,75 year old  respected father of Shri Vilasji Burde ,DGM(trans) Surat passed away on 16th November 2012 due to old age at Nagpur & last rites performed at Nagpur on 17th Nov 2012. SNEA[I] Nashik shares the grief of our Ex DGM(Mobile) of Nashik  Shri Vilasji Burde  & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.


17th Nov 12:An article published by Com A.S.Patil SDE Yeola in  "Janshradhha" Diwali issue:Our Ex ADS(R)  & SDE Yeola Com A.S.Patil has published the very useful information on Mobile communication as "Sawandmadhyam" in Marathi Diawali  issue of Daily "Janshradhha 2012" . <<Click here for article Page 1,     Page2 >>.


16th Nov 12:UNITED FORUM OF BSNL EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATIONS decided to actively support the strike call on 16.11.2012 by BSNLEU and UF of BSNL Unions. A comrade, one among us was brutally attacked by a GM in his cabin and the Mgt is protecting the GM. Make the strike call by BSNLEU and UF of BSNL Unions a grand success.

15th Nov 2012:Greeting on Diwali to Sr.G.MT Nashik  Shri Praveenkumar Malhotraji : The high level delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Com M.B.Sangale Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, Com P.N.Patil Circle Treasurer,DP Com A.R.Akhade,DS Com S.A.Bhadane,DT Com G.G.Borase,ADS(U) Com P.D.Rade,ADS(U)Com P.B.Vispute & Com C.B.Kulkarni met  Shri Praveenkumar Malhotraji  & greet on the occasion of Diwali with plant & Greeting card. Our Sr.GMT conveys best wishes to all  members & Officers on the occasion of Diwali.

 During the meeting many issues were discussed  like  HR Viz. preponement of date of promotion the case of JTO,Fixation of  date of promotion for financial benefit during promotion of JTO to SDE  & BSNL developments issue  like VTM & CAF & SUMA/TRE card for BTS mtce etc. Our Sr.GMT was very much attentive & shown positive gesture to resolve all issues.

13th Nov 2012:Greeting on Diwali to Add.G.M Shri Nitinji Mahajan & Shri Y.M.Shahapurkar .DGM(R) : The high level delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Com M.B.Sangale Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, Com P.N.Patil Circle Treasurer,DP Com A.R.Akhade,DS Com S.A.Bhadane,CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan,ADS(U) Com P.D.Rade,VP Com V.D.Morkar,Ex.Body Member Com P.G.Khule,Com A.L.Kambale,Com N.G.Nikam,Com L.P.Joshi ,Com P.M.Barve & Com S.N.Medhane met  Shri Nitinji Mahajan & Y.M.Shahpurkar  & greet on the occasion of Diwali with flower bouquet & Greeting card. Both Officers conveys best wishes to all  members on the occasion of Diwali.

12th Nov 2012: Warm Welcome:Com. A. L. Kamble JTO recently transferred from Parbhani SSA & Com. R. D. Ghate SDE recently transferred from Buldhana SSA has joined SNEA [I],Nasik, We wholeheartedly welcome them into SNEA[I] Nashik Pariwar. Membership forms are submitted to our DP Com A.R.Akhade.

Diwali Wishes...

“Wish you all & your family members a Very Happy & Prosperous Dipawali.”

SNEA (I) Nashik conveys best wishes to all  members, Senior officers & leaders, esteemed customers, Well-wishers & their families/friends on the auspicious occasion of

Dipawali.See full size imageSee full size imageSee full size imageSee full size image


11th Nov 12: Maharashtra Circle issued District wise Working Strength of Executives as on 8th Nov 12.  Copy of the letter <<<>>>

11th Nov 12: CGMT Maharashtra Circle appreciates efforts of Team Members associated with EB works.   Copy of the letter <<<>>> 

10th Nov 12:Submission of Memorandum to all Parliament members at respective level: As per directives from CHQ, the memorandum addressed to Hon Prime Minister with copy to Hon MOC&IT, Cabinet Secretary, Secretary/DOT and CMD/BSNL is to be submitted to all the Parliament members by next week with the signature of Jt Forum leaders at respective level. Draft Memorandum <<<>>>.

Nashik forum of BSNL Unions & association has already submitted memorandum to Hon MPs Shri Harishchandra Chavanji & Shri Pratapdada Sonawaneji on 30th Oct 2012 during relay hunger strike at Sanchar Bhavan,Nashik.

 8th October 2012: Successful conduction of Executive Body Meeting Of SNEA(I),Nashik : The Executive Body Meeting of SNEA(I),Nashik  division was held yesterday at TRC Hall, Canada Corner,Nashik under the President ship of our DP Com A.R.Akhade to discus  on the Agenda Points. The Meeting was addressed & Guided by our CHQ leader Com M.B.Sangle as well as Circle leaders Com S.V.Bhad Circle President, Com. P.N.Patil Circle Treasurer .The meeting   on the agenda points wise was  conducted by DS Com S.A.Bhadane.

   The Discussion was held on the prominent points such as successful conduction of programme given by CHQ of UF  as well as the Developments & HR issues of Executives. In this meeting Com M.V.Kapadane Senior leader was felicitated by Com A.R.Akhade as getting DE(LA) promotion ,Com D.M.Taral SDE Ambad was felicitated by Com P.N.Patil due to his achievement of restoration of Satpur-Ambad link road DLC  within short period & also taken extra efforts for allotment & shifting of DLC from Dhule SSA, Com P.G.Khule  SDE OCB & Mtce was felicitated by Com M.B.Sangale due to his extraordinary efforts taken for repairing & Mtce. of BTY/ PP & MDF vertical rearrangement at Canada Corner,Com G.S. Shelar & Com Jayant Kolawate was felicitated by Com S.V.Bhad due to their selection on the  prestigious post of Dy.Supritendent of Police (Wireless) through MPSC ;while Com S.A.Bhadane DS was felicitated by Com M.B.Sangale on his successful  passing  Master Of Engineering (E&TC) exam in First class Distinction conducted by University of Pune from KK Wagh College of Engineering Nashik.

  The Executive body members of of SNEA (I) Nashik viz. CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan,DT Com G.G.Borase,  ADS (U)  Com P.M.Joshi, ADS(R) Com R.R.Mahajan,ADS(U) Smt J.A.Mundalik, Astt Dist Treasurer Com A.M. Patil, Ex.Body Member Com P.G. Khule, Br Members  Com Smt V.P.Patil & active member Com G.V.Pawar,Com A.D.Karanke,Com B.J.Bhoir,Com B.N.Girase, were attended & participated in the meeting.

The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks by our DT Com G.G.Borase.

7th Nov 12: Promotional offer of Extra Usage on GSM services by BSNL on occasion of Diwali from 5 Nov 12 to 14 Nov 12. Copy <<<>>>

6th Nov 12:Executive Body meeting of SNEA(I),Nashik: DP SNEA(I) ,Nashik notify to conduct the Executive Body meeting of SNEA(I) Nashik on 7th Nov 2012 at 17:30 Hrs at TRC Hall,Sanchar Bhavan,MICO circle,Nashik  to discuss on the agenda issues.

   All Executive Body members, CHQ, Circle office bearers of Nashik & active members of SNEA(I),Nashik are requested to attend & participate in the meeting on agenda points.

5th Nov 12 :Retirement of Com G.B.Deshpande JTO WTR: Our SNEA(I),Nashik member & JTO WTR Manmad  Com G.B.Deshpande has retire from service on VRS  on 1st Nov 2012 F/N, SNEA(I), Nashik  &  Branch leaders Com J.D.Charwekar,Com S.V.Deore wishes him a healthy, happy, prosperous  and peaceful retired life .

5th Nov 12:"Dashkriya Vidhi" of sad demise father of Com A.S.Yeole JTO CMTS: Shri Shankar B.Yeole ,85 year old  respected father of Com A.S.Yeole ,JTO CMTS & active member of SNEA()I),Nashik passed away on 28th October 2012 due to old age  & the "Dashkriya vidhi "is  to be held at "Ramkund " on 6the Nov 2012 at 08:30 hrs Panchavati,Nashik.

4th Nov 12: Sucessful completion of 12th BSNL regional Carrom Selection competition at Nashik: The 12th Maharashtra Circle regional Carrom competition was held wef from 1st Nov 2012 to 3rd Nov 2012 at CTTC Nashik . The competition opening ceremony was held with the auscupicious hands of Super Athlete  Kavitaji Raut & Shri Praveenkumarji Malhotra Sr.GMTD,Nashik along with DGM(CM) Smt Nimaje Madam & our CHQ Jt.Sec (W) Com M.B.Sangale on 1st Nov 2012 & closing ceremony was held under chairmanship of Shri Nitinji Mahajan Addl.GM Nashik on 3rd Nov 2012. Around 160 participants were enjoyed the game with super stay & play arrangement at CTTC,Nashik. Shri S.A.Karambelkar Secretary DSCB, Shri V.G.Joshi Principal CCTC, our SNEA(I) ADS(U) Com P.D.Rade,ADS(U)Com P.M.Joshi,Com Shyam Mandlik,Com P.M.Barve ,Com K.D.Gangurde, Com P.T.Dawande,Com Smt Mahadeokar S,R.,Com Vineet kumar Singh,Com N.N.Sonawane,Com Kale J.M,Com Shrivastva S.K. Shri R.A.Jadhav have taken lots of efforts to make the event grand successful.

3rd Nov 12: Sucessful completion of relay hunger strike: On the last  day of weeklong Relay Hunger Strike was observed at Nashik with solid unity. The awareness of the real issue is increasing day by day making more and more comrades were  participated in this historical struggle to save BSNL. On the last day at the time of  closing relay hunger strike Our senior leaders Com M.B.Sangale,Jt Sec(W),CHQ,Com S.V.Bhad,Circle President ,Com V.P.Kulkarni CS,AIBSNLEA,DS of BSNLEU Com G.N.Wagh , DS of SNEA (I), Com S.A.Bhadane. DS of BSNLEA Com B.D.Gaikar , DS of NFTE Com D.N.Godse, DS of BTEU Com L.M.Shinde had addressed the gathering & appeal all comrades to intensify the further programme as when further programme will be received from JF CHQ. At the last all leaders thanked all the participant to shown their solidarity for successful conduction & completion of programme.

1st Nov 12: Appeal from GS SNEA (I) CHQ: Comrades, the continuation of non-optee ITS in BSNL/MTNL will be damaging and nobody is going to recognize them as our leaders or managers or bosses hereafter

  31st May 2012:Lunch hour demonstration by JAC: As per the call given by CHQ the massive lunch hour demonstration was organized by the  Forum of BSNL Unions and Association of Nashik  at  Sanchar Bhavan under the leadership of JAC Convenor Com S.A.Bhadane. The huge gathering of executives and non executives was address by the DS of all unions and associations. In this lunch hour demonstration it was decided to participate all executives and non executives by applying mass CL to make the successful proposed one day long Dharana Programme on 6th June 2012. The huge gathering was addressed  by DS SNEA(I) Com S.A.Bhadane, DS of AIBSNLEA Com B.D.Gaikar DS of BSNLEU Com G.N.Wagh,DS of NFTE Com D.N.Godse,DS of BTEU Com L.M.Shinde and DS of SC/ST welfare association Com P.B.Pagare.Most of the executives of SNEA(I) Nashik were actively participated in the program.

   The SNEA(I) Nashik leaders present to the demonstration  were Jt. Sec(W) CHQ Com M.B.Sangale, Circle President MH Circle Com S.V.Bhad, DP Com A.R.Akhade , VP Com V.D.Morkar,ADS Com P.D.Rade,Com S.R.Kapdnis,Com P.M.Joshi,Com R.R.Mahajan,Com Smt J.A.Mundalik & Com P.B.Vispute. Also CS of AIBSNLEA Com V.P.Kulkarni ,BSNLEU leader Com Jabbrar Shaikh were present in the demonstration. SNEA(I) WTR/WTP/AT/Mobile branch leders Com S.M.Kotkar,Com D.C.Ahire,Com J.D.Charwekar,Com S.V.Deore,Com G.S.Shelar,Com Smt V.P.Patil actively participated in the demonstration.

31st May 2012:  CHQ NEWS on Strike:  GS along with other JAC leaders attended the conciliation meeting took place today between JAC and the BSNL Management in the presence of the Chief Labour Commissioner. The issues of 78.2% IDA fixation, withdrawal of Medical Allowance, LTC and Leave Encashment came up for discussion. The CLC directed the management to hold discussion in this regard with the Unions / Associations. Discussion on other demands of the 15.12.2011 strike will take place in the next meeting.


30th May 2012: Felicitation of  Sr.GMT Shri M.K.Jain: A high level Delegation of SNEA[I] Nashik comprised of Joint Secretary(W) CHQ Com.M.B.Sangle, CP Com.S.V.Bhad, CT Com.P.N.Patil, DP Com.A.R.Akhade ,DS Com S.A.Bhadane, CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan ,ADS Com.P.D.Rade Com.P.B.Vispute, Com R.R.Mahajan and basic member of Nashik and Ex.Body Member of SNEA(I),Dhule  Com S.V.Warungse met Hon.Sr.GMT Shri.M.K.Jainji and congratulated him  with presenting plant on promotion as L/A PGMT,Pune. Hon.Sr.GMT has thanked our DS & delegation and expected cooperation to forthcoming GMT,Nashik in fulfilling his mission of making Nashik SSA a model SSA of the BSNL.


30th May 2012: Meeting of JAC: The meeting of leaders of Forum of BSNL Unions and Association of Nashik was held at TRC Hall, Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik under the chairmanship of JAC Convenor Com S.A.Bhadane in order to decide the strategy to success the trade union programme given by CHQ. In this meeting it was decided to mobilize the members by each DS of their Unions/Associations for the success of Lunch hour demonstration on 31st May 2102, one day long Dharana Programme on 6th June 2012 and infinite strike from 13th June 2012. Also the notice for the programme was served to Sr.GMT Nashik.

   The SNEA(I),Nashik leaders present to the meeting  were Jt. Sec(W) CHQ Com M.B.Sangale, Circle President,MH Circle Com S.V.Bhad, DP Com A.R.Akhade ,CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan, ADS Com P.D.Rade & Com P.B.Vispute. Also CS of AIBSNLEA Com V.P.Kulkarni,DS Com B.D.Gaikar, DS of BSNLEU Com G.N.Wagh, Com.Jabbar Shaikh,Com Jayant Dhamane, DS of NFTE Com D.S.Godse, DS of BTEU ,Com L.M.Shinde were present in the meeting.

   JAC convenor Com.S.A.Bhadane requested members of Forum of BSNL Unions and Association of Nashik , to attend & participate in the “Lunch hour demonstration” tomorrow on 31st May 2012 at 13:30 hrs at Sanchar Bhavan,Nashik. <<Notice>>   <<Poster>>

30th May 2012:Transfer & posting in the cadre of DGM:BSNL corporate office issued to and from Hard tenure circle transfer & posting order for Additional GMs and DGMs.<<  Order>> 

29th May 2012: Notional date of promotion-Generalization: Notional date of promotion for the LDCE held in Dec: 2002. BSNL Management finally decided to further contest at Ernakulam and Hyderabad courts before generalization. Our comrades are requested to wait for the outcome of the case at Ernakulam and Hyderabad.

29th May 2012:Seniority case of 147 SDEs at Hon. High Court of Kerala :  Stay vacated: Promotion can be made provisional and subject to the final outcome of Writ petition.


1. Immediate payment of 78.2% IDA fixation to the non executives and Executives w.e.f 01.1.2007.

2. Immediate restoration of medical allowance, LTC and leave encashment.

3. Payment of Bonus, Revision of Transport allowance and other perks and immediate settlement of all other demands kept pending because of financial implications.                                                         Revised Programmes of action:

31.05.2012: Full day Dharna at BSNLCO and Demonstrations at Circle/SSA HQs. 06.06.2012: Full Day Dharna at Circle /SSA HQs.13.06.2012 onwards : Indefinite strike.

28th May 2012: An appeal to Executives:The DS visited to Establishment section regarding to revive the progress of calculation and issue of memos of pay fixation of Executives for TBP and Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) – Time bound Scale Up gradation. As per the information received from the Establishment section, the option forms were called for Fixation of pay consequent to the promotion/up gradation in higher pay scale under NEPP. All eligible executives are requested that those who have not exercised  the options now to fill the option forms at the earliest in order to settle their pay fixation issues. <<Option Form>> <<Order for TBP of executives>>

28th May 2012 :   List of SDEs with Longest stay in MH Circle:   MH Circle has released list of 50 SDEs as per their longest stay in MH Circle. This list is to be communicated to BSNL corporate office, if any discrepancy is found the same may please be communicate to A/D(Staff-B) MH Circle on mobile No 9423082370 before 14-00 hrs of today i.e 28th May 2012. The list has been prepared with criteria of  age less than 55 years as on 31st March 2013 and stay in MH counted from entry in MH from JTO cadre onwards.<<Click here to view entire detailed list>> 

27th May 2012:  Willingness from JTOs for posting at ITPC Pune: BSNL corporate office has called for willingness from amongst JTOs for posting in ITPC for O & M of CDR system at Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Pune, accordingly willingness has been called from amongst JTO cadre volunteers from the same territorial circle for the above mentioned four data centers.<<Click here to view the copy of order>>

26th May 2012: Executive Body Meet : The first executive body meeting of newly elected district body of SNEA(I),Nashik was held on 25th May 2012 under the President ship of Com A.R.Akhade at TRC Hall ,Sanchar Bhavan,Nashik  to discuss the following Agenda points. The meeting was efficiently and effectively conducted by District Secretary Com S.A.Bhadane. The meeting was guided by CHQ leader Com M.B.Sangale, Jt.Secretary (W) ,ComS.V.Bhad,Circle President,MH Circle, CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan and imm.past Vice President Com C.R.Kadam. Also most of the District Executive body members and active members were actively present and participated in the discussion. The Agenda points discussed in the meeting were-

     A well studied issues of Rural area viz. cable & battery theft, unmanned exchanges ,OFC fault and protection ring of UHF/MW media to   some industrial and important area exchanges were highlighted by ADS(Rural) Com. R.R.Mahajan ,Dist.Treasurer Com G.G.Borse ,Com G.V.Pawar,Com A.D.Karanke  and Com Smt. S.S.Walimbe. Also, ADS Com S.R.Kapdnis,ADS Com P.D.Rade,ADS Com P.M.Joshi,ADS Com.Smt. J.A.Mundalik,Ex.Member ComV.K.Jadhav,Com P.K.Wani were  actively discussed  the issues of Urban and rural area such as procedure for lifting of store material from MM section, collection of data for various required reports through various software ,MIS statement, Poor GSM coverage in Nashik Urban area, Summer vacation training to Civil Engg.student etc.

    The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks by Dist.Treasurer Com G.G.Borse.

26th May 2012:  FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS / ASSOCIATIONS CALLS FOR STRUGGLE:  The meeting of all the unions / associations in BSNL was held on 23-05-12 at the office of the BSNLMS, New Delhi. Representatives from BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, BSNLMS, SEWA BSNL, BSNLWRU,BSNLATM and BTEU participated. There was strong protest against the non-implementation of assurances on the part of the management and the DOT on issues like:

  Ø  ITS absorption, Ø  78.2% IDA fixation, Ø financial viability of BSNL, Ø procuring sufficient equipments etc

The speakers condemned the attitude of the BSNL management in appealing to the High Court for grant of more time for the repatriation / relieving of the ITS officers who have not opted for BSNL. The meeting severely criticised the policy of the government in supporting the private companies instead off its own company, BSNL. After detailed discussion the meeting took the following decisions unanimously: 

·        A Demands Day will be organised on 6th June 2012 focusing the demands raised in the 15th December Strike by holding joint meetings,, demonstrations etc. The first demand will be the ITS absorption / repatriation.A Post Card Campaign will be organised. Maximum Post Cards will be sent to the Prime minister by name, demanding early settlement of the issues. We should ensure that all employees send the Post Cards.

·        In the meanwhile, the branch / district unions should meet the Members of Parliament in their area and submit the memorandum on the important issues which will be prepared and sent by the all India Unions. 

·     March to CGM / GM office will be organised at Circle / SSA levels on 27th June 2012 with massive participation. 

·     Two Days Dharna will be organised on 18th and 19th July 2012 at All India / Circle / SSA levels. Maximum participation of members should be ensured. 

The unions will meet and chalk out further programme of action including strike in the meeting scheduled to be held on 13th June 2012. It was also decided that the programmes / struggles will be organised under the banner of “FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS / ASSOCIATIONS” involving all the unions / associations in BSNL.

26th May 2012: Shri Aloke Kaul, CGM WTR has been repatriated back to DOT:  BSNL corporate office issued repatriation order of Shri Aloke Kaul, present CGM WTR and Ex. CGM MH Circle back to DOT with immediate effect.<<Click here to view copy of order>>>> 

24th May 2012: Blood Donation Camp: The AGM(Admn),Nashik appealed that the Blood donation camp has been arranged on 25 May 2012 by Arpan Blood Bank at TRC Hall, Canada Corner,Nashik between 11:00 am to 17:00 pm. All interested blood donors are requested to attend and participate in the camp.

23rd May 2012: Notional date of promotion – Generalization: The issue of giving Notional date of promotion to all Competitive passed SDEs of LDCE held in Dec 2002 is under the active consideration of the management, now at Director level.

23rd May 2012::   View Corporate office OrdersGuidelines for Deputation to other departments>>>Transfer in the grade of CE(E)>>>> GPF Revised interest rate >>>

23rd May 2012:  Transfer of our Sr.GMT Shri M.K.Jain  as look after charge of PGMT Pune & Posting of Shri V.K.Mahendra as CGMT MH circle:  BSNL corporate office issued orders for transfer & posting of CGMs & PGMs, in which present PGMT Pune Shri V.K.Mahendra  posted as CGMT MH Circle and present Sr.GMT Nashik Shri M.K.Jain transferred and posted at Pune with look  after charge of PGMT Pune.   <<Copy of CGM transfer & posting order>>  <<  Copy of PGM/Sr GM posting order>>

22nd May 2012:Executive Body  MeetingThe first Executive Body meeting of  newly formed district body of SNEA[I],Nashik is convened by District President Com.A.R.Akhade and DS. The meeting will be held at TRC Hall, Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik on 25-05-2012 at 17:30Hrs. All Executive Body members ,Circle and CHQ  leaders of Nashik are also requested to attend the meeting. The Agenda for the meeting is to prepare the fresh Agenda which is to submit to Nashik Admn. on the development as well as HR issues. All  members are requested  to attend the meeting with well preparation.

22nd May 2012: Committe for review of CPSU hierarchy: Committee formed to make recommendations on a) E2, E3 pay scales  2)implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy as per the terms and conditions of absorption and 3) diversion of 600 DGM posts is reconstituted with PGM(SR) as Chairman. Earlier chairman Shri K. C. G. K. Pillai became DIR(Fin), BSNL. View letter

20th May 2012:Eligibility list of JTOs working in MH MH Circle has released Eligibility list of JTOs working in MH circle for forthcoming DPC for promotion from JTO to SDE, posted in MH Circle, WTR,WTP,ITPC, QA,DNW,T&D etc within  MH circle jurisdiction. corrections/errors/omissions if any are to be brought into the notice of A/D HRD MH Circle within 15 days.<<covering letter>>                             << EL of MH JTOs (total Four Sheets)>>>>>

19th May 2012: As decided in our AIC at Nanded, TESA FLASH e-magazine launched: <<Click here to view April-2012 TESA FLASH e-Magazine>>>>>.

 19th May 2012:  Relieving of SDEs for tenure circles:  BSNL corporate office issued very serious ultimatum to all circles who had not relieved SDEs from their circles for whom corporate office has issued transfer orders for posting at tenure circles, all those SDEs are to be relieved within one week and their salary from 01-05-2012 is not to be drawn from present circle, Corporate office also mentioned that any further delay in relieving these officers will be treated as deliberate obstruction in administrative process and will be viewed adversely by competent authority.<<Click here to view copy of order & list>>>>

19th May 2012:  Inter circle transfer of SDEs:  BSNL corporate office issued own cost inter circle request transfer order of SDEs.<<Click here to view copy of order>>>> 

18th May 2012: Complete ITS repatriation process before 30th Sept 2012, Delhi Court ordered BSNL: Hon High Court of Delhi outrightly dismissed the modification application filed by BSNL seeking 25 months time for repatriation of unabsorbed ITS officers working in BSNL. Even desperate plea made by the BSNL counsel to give time upto 31st December, 2012 was rejected by the Hon Court. Hon HC while dismissing the application of BSNL directed it to complete repatriation process by 30th Sept, 2012.

Intervention application was filed by BSNLEU, SNEA(I) and AIBSNLEA. Eventhough the intervention application was also dismissed, yet counsel appearing for these Associations/unions strongly opposed the move of ITS controlled BSNL Management for extension of time. Intervention application was not admitted on technical grounds since we are not party in the original application.

Further course of legal action is being discussed with our counsel.     

18th May 2012:  Transfer & Posting of  SDEs in Civil wing, orders issued : SNEA(I) MH Circle expresses sincere thanks to Shri. V. L. Kushare, Principal. Chief Engineer Civil West Zone Mumbai and SE ( P & A l ) Mumbai, Shri A Bhattacharya  for keeping his word and issuing Transfer & posting orders of SDEs working in civil wing as per willingness of SDEs to the maximum possible extent, SNEA(I) MH Circle also appreciates the hard work and valuable persuasion by Com.M.A.Wase, SNEA(I) Vice President MH Circle office, Mumbai in pursuing all Civil cases upto its logical positive end result.Click here to view copy of SDEs promotion & posting order>>     << Click here to view SDE Transfer order>>>    <<Click here to view inter Zonal request tranfers of SDEs>>

18 May 2012:  Hats off to Nashik Administartion : The posting of newly incumbent JTO Com Ghodmare A.R. has been posted as JTO (Internal),Pimpalgaon  by considering the request of Com Ajay Singh,JTO and he has been posted as JTO (TOF) under D.E.(Transmission),Nashik .This is a good example lead by Nashik Admn. under the dynamic and dashing leadership of Add.General Manager Shri Nitin Mahajanji ,that posting of newly jointed executive in Nashik SSA being exercised  within three days. This is happened first time in the history of Nashik Admn to post executive within three days and utilized his efficiency at the beginning of joining SSA for growth and development of BSNL. <Letter>

14 May 2012:Workload distribution Committees Meeting:-The first meeting of committee for review of work load distribution in urban area has been conducted under chairmanship of Addl.GM. Shri Nitin Mahajanji at Sanchar Bhavan in presence of  Committee members as DE CIDCO,DE CC,DE City and the Dist. Sec. of both Association were participated in the meeting. The collection of data such as Equipped Capacity, Working DELs, Working Executives has been collected and Chairman Shri Nitin Mahajanji advised the Admn section to compile the whole data of Nashik Urban area in order to review in the next sitting of Committee meeting

14 May 2012:  Warm Welcome: Com Ghodmare A.R, JTO  who has been transferred from Rajgurunagar,Pune  joined SNEA[I],Nashik. We welcome him into SNEA[I]Nashik Pariwar.

Workload distribution Committees:-It has already been agreed by Hon.Sr.GMT to form four committees for review of work load distribution. The four committees will be -1. Review committee for workload distribution of urban area. 2. Workload distribution of rural area , 3. Work load distribution for rural and urban transmission, broadband and Leased Circuits, 4. Work load distribution at Sanchar Bhavan. Out of these four committees , committee for review of work load distribution in urban area is already formed under chairmanship of Addl.GM.

From SNEAMAH- Handling of Non-vigilance disciplinary cases:  CVO BSNL has issued instructions to all circle vigilance officers for forwarding the all Non vigilance cases to office of CVO New Delhi for which competency lies with the office of Director (HR) for taking further necessary action -<letter>

Payment of Rs 650/- in lieu of Soap,Towel etc:  MH Circle has issued order for payment of Rs 650/- to all Executives and Rs 480/- to all Non Executives in cash in lieu of Soap, Glass-Tumbler, Towel, Ball Pens & Refills  for the financial year 2012-13. <order>

Confirmation in the cadre of JTO: MH Circle In continuation with earlier order dated 27-04-2012 asking for ACRs, SR and vigilance clearance report of 175 JTOs for conduction of DPC for issuing Confirmation order has released further list of 9 JTOs who are still to be confirmed in the cadre of JTO, and accordingly asked for first 3 years ACR , Current SR and Vigilance clearance report latest by 11th May 2012. <letter & list>

Introduction meet of SNEA[I] Nashik EB with Nashik Administration:- Meeting was held as per schedule on 05 May 2012, 16:00Hrs to introduce the office bearers of District Body of SNEA[I] Nashik to Sr.GMT Nashik and Nashik administration. In the meeting Hon.Sr.GMT Shri.M.K.Jain, Addl.GM Shri.Nitinji Mahajan, DGM[HR-CM] Smt.Madhuriji Nimje, DGM[CFA-II] Shri.K.A.Baviskarji, AGM [HR & Admin] Shri.A.S.Kulkarni, SDE Staff Shri.R.R.Borhade were present from administration side. Branch Office bearers were also introduced  in the meeting. Our Joint Secretary [West] CHQ Com.M.B.Sangale also agreed to accompany us and accordingly was present for the introduction meet. Our District Secretary Com.S.A.Bhadane introduced himself first then one by one after our President Com.A.R.Akhade all the office bearers introduced themselves to administration. On our request Hon.Sr.GMT gave valuable guidance to the newly elected office bearers and repeated his commitment for development of Nashik SSA and expressed hope for our cooperation. DS Com.S.A.Bhadane promised cooperation without any hesitation and requested him to come out of transfer issue , delegate some power to other administrators to play their part on playground for success of team , because no match can be won single handed. One person alone cannot bat,bowl,field and lead the proceedings. Calm, quiet and confrontation free meeting ended with vote of thanks by AGM[HR & Admin] Shri.A.S.Kulkarni.
Warm Welcome: Com.Rajendra S.Bhavsar, JTO CMTS has joined SNEA[I],Nashik. We welcome him into SNEA[I]Nashik Pariwar. ADS Com.P.B.Vispute has succeeded in convincing Com.Bhavsar that there is no other Association worthy of  becoming a member than SNEA[I] Nashik. Com.Vispute made him accept our membership voluntarily and allowed him to take his own time before he accepted the membership. Membership form is submitted to DS Com.S.A.Bhadane.
Introductory meet on May 5, 2012: Grant of introductory meet by Hon. Sr.GMT to Office bearers of SNEA[I]Nashik elected on 22-04-2012 in General Body meeting of Association  is intimated to us by AGM[HR & Admin],Nashik. The meet is scheduled on May 5, 2012 , 04:00 PM at Sanchar Bhavan Nashik. All the Office bearers are requested to attend the meet well in time. <Letter>
Executive Body member  Com.Swami Suryakumar suffered an elbow injury in an accident yesterday. He is being operated today at Pimprikar Hospital. We pray for his early recovery.
Heartiest congratulations Comrades: Honble CAT Chennai dismisses OA filed by AIGETOA challenging preparation of all India eligibility list for promotion from JTO to TES Gr B on the basis of guidelines of DOT. Association fought the case legally tooth and nail by engaging learned and senior counsels at Chennai. Committed and tireless efforts of the Association to get the stay on holding of DPC from JTO to TES Gr B vacated so as to pave the way for holding of DPC from JTO to TES Gr B produce desired results. SNEA(I) was the only Association to get impleaded in the case to get stay vacated. What has to be appreciated is that this Association has been consistently and singularly taking very positive, concrete and timely actions to remove legal hurdles created in holding of DPCs from one cadre to another so as to facilitate expeditious holding of DPCs for quick functional promotions. Our profound concern is to ensure that younger Comrades get functional promotions as quickly as possible and that can be accomplished only by holding of DPCs expeditiously, not blocking of DPCs. Creating legal hurdles to block DPCs blocks the career aspirations of younger Comrades. Holding of DPC from JTO to TES Gr B will surely clear the decks for functional promotions of young comrades.We wholeheartedly congratulate our Comrades of Chennai / TD, particularly com. A. Shanmuga sundararajan, our CS Chennai/TD and his team, for their painstaking, positive and untiring efforts in pursuing the case at Ho’nble CAT/Chennai and finally taking it to its logical conclusion.
On direction from Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik,  Nashik administration has formed committee to review workload distribution of  urban area under chairmanship of Addl.GM Shri.Nitinji Mahajan. Committee is supposed to submit its report on or before 15 May 2012.<Committee>
Dist.Secretary Com.S.A.Bhadane accompanied by President Com.A.R.Akhade and ADS Com.S.R.Kapadnis met Hon.Sr.GM BSNL Nashik on April 30, 2012 and discussed following issues-

1.Introduction meeting for new office bearers of SNEA[I],Nashik.- Hon.Sr.GMT agreed for introduction meet on May 5, 2012 , 16:00Hrs.

2.Releaving of Com.Tadake, JTO Nawapur.

3.Uneven workload distribution among Executives in Nashik. Hon.Sr.GMT informed that a committee is formed with chairman Additional GM[CFA-I],      Four DEs from urban area , DS SNEA[I],Nashik and DS AIBSNLEA.

4.Premansoon and maintenance estimates.- Hon.Sr.GMT assured to get the estimates sanctioned on merit.

5.Posting of staff to transmission wing.- In view of increase in faults on account of variety of reasons beyond control of our organization and heavy work load on transmission team it is requested to review staff position of transmission section urban as well as rural.

6.Retention case of Com.M.S.Khan, JTO Malegaon.

7.Discussed issue of BTS maintenance and letter issued by Hon.Sr.GMT on BTS maintenance.

8.Posting of transmission staff at Cidco and Satpur.

Com.M.U.Kapadane, JTO retired voluntarily on 30 April 2012. SNEA[I] Nashik wishes Com.Kapadane happy retired life.

BSNL extended health check scheme for Sr. Executives [SAG Level Officers and their spouses] <Letter> What about BSNL Executives and Non-executives?

Acknowledgement of the work done.:- Hon.Sr.GMT acknowledged the outstanding work performed by Com.A.S.Patil, SDE Yeola in installing Telephone Exchange at Babulgaon. The work was completed on 31 January 2012. SNEA[I],Nashik also congratulates and appreciates work of Com.Patil. Com.Patil received letter through DE Manmad on 28-04-2012. <Letter>

TAC meeting was held on 28 April 2012 in conference Hall of Sr.GMT Nashik office. Taking this opportunity our dynamic DS Com.S.A.Bhadane discussed issues of vital importance to the development of Nashik BSNL with co-chairman of TAC , Hon.MP Shri.Harishchandraji Chavan. Com.S.A.Bhadane drew attention of Hon.MP  to the agencies causing damages to development and growth of Nashik BSNL knowingly or unknowingly. To elaborate his point Com.Bhadane informed Hon.MP that recently there are many incidents of damages to optical fibre cable network by PWD, NHAI and NMC. Local cables are also damaged beyond possibility of repair causing permanent loss to BSNL network. DS also pointed out to the increase in RF cable theft cases , theft of batteries from exchanges and BTS premises, power cable thefts from BTS premises causing damage to quality of service of GSM/CDMA and cable networks. Hon.MP asked our DS Com.S.A.Bhadane to submit details so that issue can be taken up with agencies involved. Possibility of coordination meeting with these agencies will also be explored.

DS Com.S.A.Bhadane has appealed all Executives to submit details of damages, local cable thefts, RF cable thefts, theft of batteries, theft of power cables etc so that we may request Hon.MP for further cooperation and help. The details may please be submitted to ADS R.R.Mahajan  for rural area. The details of urban area may be mailed to, before May 5, 2012. The details may also be submitted in person to President Com.A.R.Akhade or Com.R.G.Sarode.

DPC for promotion to the Grade of AO: MH circle has called for ACRs and Vigilance clearance report of 47 executives for their regular promotion as AO, as the same is to be immediately forwarded to BSNL Corporate office. Click here to view copy of letter & List. Two names from Nashik Shri.P.K.Wani and Shri.S.K.Shimpi.

Confirmation in the cadre of JTO:  MH Circle has called for SR & Vigilance clearance report of 175 DR JTOs to enable circle office to issue confirmation orders of these Direct recruited JTOs, MH Circle has also issued instructions to all non recruitee circles, getting JTOs from MH Circle for sending ACR for last 3 years of 174 DR JTOs their SR and Vigilance clearance report latest by 11th May 2012 to enable MH circle to issue their confirmation orders.<Letter & List of MH JTOs> <Letter & List of  DNW,IT,WTR & WTP>

Nashik JTO's in the list are - D.K.Raut, A.D.Labade, D.J.Chaudhary, V.K.Chavan, Kamana Kulhare and Ashok Brahmane, Rishikesh Shahane, Arpankumar Dwivedi, Munu kumari, Achalkumar Pathak. -   SNEA[I] Nashik comrades are requested to see that their SR's , Attested copies of three years APAR's and Vigilance clearance reports are sent to concerned units.

Delay in sanctioning of Temporary Advances: On receipt of complaints from Executives for non receipt of Ty.advances when only three days are remaining of April 2012 , DS Com.S.A.Bhadane took up the matter strongly with Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik and DGM Finance. DGM Finance later informed our DS that advances are now sanctioned and the Executives are requested to pursue AO[W&B] and AO[Cash] for payment of Ty.advance.

When all other operators recorded 10% to 15% increase in their revenue (from operations) during 2011-12 comparing to last year 2010-11, BSNL recorded 2.04% decrease in the revenue (from operations) as per the information available to us.(2010-11 Revenue-Rs 25541.89 Cr and 2011-12 Revenue-Rs 25019.85 Cr). Circle wise details are as follows:

Punjab  : -11.76% (Rs 1215.94 and Rs 1072.93 Cr)  ,Maharashtra   : -9.14% (Rs 2805 Cr and Rs 2549 Cr) , Kolkatta TD   : -8.10% ,Chennai TD   : -5.66% (Rs 1111.16 Cr and Rs 1.48.30 Cr), Haryana : -5.50% ,Gujarat : -4.88% (Rs 1576.92 Cr and Rs 1499.92 Cr) ,Rajasthan : -4.48%  ,A & N Islands : -2.60 % ,Assam : -2.42% , Madhya Pradesh : -2.01% , Bihar : -1.05%  ,Jharkhand : -1.45%, Karnataka : -1.94% (Rs 2158.79 Cr and Rs 2116.86 Cr) , Andhra Pradesh :-0.21%(Rs 2304.60 Cr and Rs 2297.80 Cr) ,

Himachal Pradesh   : +8.40%  , North East I   : +6.74%,Jammu & Kashmir   : +5.41%,Kerala  : +3.86%(Rs 2251.79 Cr and Rs 2338.71 Cr) ,Tamil Nadu : +3.43%(Rs 1811.26 Cr and Rs 1873.40 Cr),Chattisgargh : +2.28%  ,UP(East) : +1.56%,Orissa  : +1.32% ,North East II  : +1.10% ,West Bengal : +1.06%  , UP(West) : +0.39%

Punjab, Maharashtra and Kolkatta TD Circles recorded maximum dip in the revenue comparing to last year.

It is surprising to note that Punjab Circle registered the maximum dip in revenue where as the CGM Punjab is selected as the DIR(CFA), BSNL Board, a big question mark on the performance of our Board of Directors and their selection process.

 What motivation or a lesson one can learn from this is a matter of investigation.


Corporate office has forwarded list of SNEA[I]CHQ office bearers as per SNEA[I]CHQ letter dated 4.4.2012.<List>

Reimbursement for outdoor medical treatment. <Format>

TTA to JTO Officiating promotion order <order>

CDMA SERVICES MADE CHEAPER_AFFORDABLE :-Tariff from 01-05-2012.Call anywhere in India on BSNL NW @ 45Paisa per minute.

Call anywhere in India to Other NW @60 Paisa per Minute.

SMS @ 50Paisa for Local , 60 Paisa for National, Rs 5 for International

Roaming 50 Paise for OG Local BSNL NW,60 Paise for OG Local other NW,60 Paisa for OG STD BSNL NW, 70 Paise OG STD other NW and 60paise for incomimg.

SMS during roaming @ 60 paise for Local/national. <Letter>

What more can you expect!

RUIM for Rs.40/- only with 6 months validity. Validity can be extended to further 6 months with just Rs.20/- plan voucher.

It is never too late. Abundant RUIM cards are dumped by Nashik SSA for no reason to disclose. Are we not ashamed of this? One who is able to sell garbage available with him is real businessman. We take pride in converting valuable things into garbage. What future can then be ahead?

Congratulation ! DPC/screening committee report for TBP cases of nashik SSA Excutives is received due to the efforts taken by  ExDS/Present Jt Sec(W)Com M.B.Sangale,CHQ and that of CP Com S.V.Bhad,CS Com M.S.Adasul and CT Com P.N.Patil for approval of said order .<Approval>

Request transfer in the cadre of JTO_order from Circle Office_Two JTOs to Nashik SSA <Order>

Jt Sec[W],CHQ Com.M.B.Sangale met Hon.Sr.GMT along with DE CMTS P.B.Vispute on 24.04.2012 to discuss some CMTS issues. The issue of non-availability of maintenance SIMs was discussed and Hon.Sr.GMT informed that the SIMs have been procurred and will be available the next day. The issue of non availability of maintenance SIMs was taken up by our DS Com.S.A.Bhadane earlier. Taking this opportunity Hon.Sr.GMT discussed the issue of workload distribution and it is agreed that review of workload distribution is necessary for that review committee will be formed under chairmanship of Addl.GM  containing members - DS's of the Association and DEs from Urban area.

DS Com. S.A.Bhadane submitted list of newly elected office bearers of SNEA(I) Nashik & Branch of WTR/WTP/Mobile/T&D < Letter >  

News in Daily Gavkari regarding General body meeting of SNEA[I],Nashik

Grand District Conference of SNEA(I) Nashik- The General body meeting of SNEA(I) Nashik was held on 22nd April 2012 at TRC Hall, Sanchar Parisar, Canada Corner Nashik. Hon. Sr. G.M.T. Shri. M.K.Jainji was the chief guest. The conference was honored by gracious presence of-

 Com.A.R.Manani, Vice President SNEA(I) CHQ.

Com.V.M.Wankhede, AGS SNEA(I) CHQ.

Com.M.B.Sangale,Jt.Secretary(west) SNEA(I)CHQ.

Shri Nitin Mahajan, Addl GM(CFA-I) Nashik,

Shri Rakesh Srivastava, DGM(Mobile)Nashik

Com.S.V.Bhad,Circle President SNEA(I) MH Circle.

Com.M.S.Adasul,Circle Secretary SNEA(I) MH Circle.

Com.N.D Barde,Vice President SNEA(I) MH Circle

Com.P.N.Patil,Circle Treasurer SNEA(I) MH Circle.

Com.S.R.Kalmegh, ACS (East) SNEA(I) MH Circle.

Com.S.P.Sonawane,CWC member SNEA(I) MH Circle

Com.M.V.Mali,Jt.Secretary (North),SNEA(I) MH Circle.

Com.Jadhav, organizing secretary SNEA(I) Pune

n the conference, newly selected CHQ office bearer, retired employees and outstanding work performers were felicitated. In the beginning two minutes silence was also observed in the memoirs of departed souls.  

Hon. Sr. G.M.T. gave valuable guidance about one hour and openly answered the queries raised by the executives. Addl. G.M. Nitinji Mahajan delivered vibrant speech and explained how BSNL is a Leaderless organization. Hon. D.G.M.(Mobile) Shri. Rakeshji Srivastava in his speech gave some valuable technical information in respect of new telecom policy, broadband and 4G services. Our dashing, dynamic Dabang CS Com. M.S. Adsul with his own style – Gracious, studied and sweet touched almost all issues related to welfare of our executives and present BSNL status. Circle president Com. S.V.Bhad narrated happening at AIC Nanded and role played by Nashik delegates for success of AIC. He also extended thanks to circle secretary Com .M.S.Adsul in grabbing three important CHQ posts for Maharashtra.  

The vote of thanks was delivered by Com. P.D. Rade and the important events of the entire programme was captured and photographed by Com .G.V.Pawar. 

DS Com. M.B.Sangale submitted his report to the house and briefed some major achievements – increase in membership from 134 to 202, resolving man days issue, BTS maintenance team formation, work load distribution etc. District treasurer Com. G.G.Borase submitted his report before the general body and it was accepted with claps. 

The audience had opportunity to listen to all the dignitaries invited and in the evening session the existing executive body of District and branch was dissolved and new District executive body of SNEA(I) Nashik came into existence in the president ship of  Com. A.R.Akhade with District Secretary Com. S.A.Bhadane, District treasurer Com. G.G.Borase and CEC member Com. S.A.Chavan. At the same time the branch executive body was elected with president – Com .D.C. Ahire, Branch Secretary- Com. J.D. Charvekar. 

The details of new division and branch executive body will be uploaded soon.

DS Com.M.B.Sangale with his unique identity, style and transparency in work has raised  SNEA[I], Nashik membership from 134 to 201.His work need not be displayed anywhere, membership data is itself receipt of the the work done.

Telecom 74 11 101 3 19 2 5 53 4 84 2 6 0 0 201
Civil 10 0 4   1 0 0 9 0 4 0 0 0 0
Electrical 6 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mobile 9 0 17   0 0 0 8 0 11 0 0 0  
WTP/WTR 9 0 11 0 2 0 0 9 0 6 0 1 0 0
T&D 2 0 1   1 0 0 2 0 1  0 1 0 0
Total 110 11 137 3 24 2 5 81 4 106 2 8 0 0


Unprecedented Growth of SNEA[I],Nashik- Recently 10 Executives joined Nashik SSA. All of them approached our dynamic and dashing District Secretary Com.M.B.Sangale and voluntarily and unconditionally continued their membership in the SSA & submitted their applications for membership of SNEA[I],Nashik. They also expressed firm faith in leadership of  Com.M.B.Sangale-Dist Secretary, our Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad, and President Com.S.A.Bhadane and SNEA[I] as a whole. Moreover two new members in the list are Com..Kashikar & Com.Patole.

In response Com.M.B.Sangale assured the members that due weightage to their HR issues will be given and  expected in response active participation in the activities of Association as well as that of and for growth of BSNL Nashik.

We wholeheartedly welcome all the new members to SNEA Nashik pariwar.

A.S.Deogire SDE Patil A.M. SDE
A.D.Karanke SDE Jagtap M.S. SDE
Chandrakant Kashikar JAO Kalkar M.M.Smt. SDE
Khule P.G. SDE Patole N.B. DE Offtg
Gunjal V.D. SDE R.R.Mahajan SDE


Letter submitted by Com.Sangale to administration. [ Letter]

After going through prolonged and exhaustive exercise Nashik administration finally issued transfer and posting orders in the cadre of SDE and Offtg DE- SDE Order, DE Officiating order 

Com.N.B.Patole, DE[Offtg] joined SNEA[I],Nashik. SNEA[I],Nashik welcomes Com.Patole wholeheartedly to SNEA Nashik Pariwar. Com.Patole is one of the hard working Executive of Nashik SSA. We look forward to collect all those who are hard workers and devotees of BSNL. He is a recipient of Sanchar Sarathi award.He has assured that he will work for Association unconditionally. We were long awaiting his joining to SNEA[I]Nashik, the Association which accords equal or rather more importance to development of BSNL in comparison to the welfare of the Executives.

Procedure to configure GSM FWP for Internet access.< Procedure> 

From SNEAMH:- Welfare claim amount has been raised from Rs 40,000/- to Rs One Lakh, hence monthly Membership subscription also raised from Rs 40/- to Rs 70/-  In 28th AIC at Nanded, the monthly subscription enhanced from Rs 40/ to Rs 70/- w.e.f 01.04.2012. Accordingly the welfare claim amount also enhanced from Rs 40,000/- to Rs 1,00,000/-.  District / Branch treasurers are requested to collect the enhanced subscription from April 2012……… Click to view details>>>>

Extending the benefit of notional date of promotion and fixation of pay w.e.f. 23.01.2002 and actual benefits from 01.04.2008 in terms of judgment dated 26.04.2010 of the Hon CAT, Bangalore Bench in OA. No. 181/2009 to similarly placed other candidates also so that others should not be forced to approach different Tribunals for the same relief……………GS writes to DIR (HR)

Executive body meeting was held today at TRC Hall Sanchar Bhavan.Jt.Sec[W] CHQ Com.M.B.Sangale, CP Com.S.V.Bhad,CT Com.P.N.Patil, Prez Com.S.A.Bhadane , VP Com.C.R.Kadam, Executive body members and some active members were present.Prez Com.S.A.Bhadane opened the discussion and then Jt Sec[W] CHQ Com.M.B.Sangale led the proceedings and thanked all for felicitation.Circle Prez, Circle Treasurer and almost all present participated in the proceedings. 22 April 2012,Sunday is decided unanimously for General Body meeting of SNEA(I),Nashik. For success of GB following committees are formed. Names of chief Guests for GB were also finalized. Com.G.G.Borase delivered vote of thanks.

Food committee Hall,Stage & banner committee Reception/accommodation committee Print & Media Organization/Communication
S.R.Kapadnis S.A.Bhadane A.R.Akhade D.R.Aher R.G.Sarode
S.S.Kulkarni N.G.Nikam S.A.Chavan M.L.Kothawade K.D.Gangurde
D.J.Chaudhary G.G.Borase P.B.Vispute S.A.Salunke Smt.N.N.Rajbhoj
P.M.Joshi P.N.More L.P.Joshi   P.B.Vispute
C.R.Kadam Smt.Varsha Ahire R.R.Mahajan    


TTA to JTO officiating order <Order>

In reply to the felicitation Jt.Sec[W] CHQ Com.M.B.Sangale thanked Hon.Sr.GMT ,Addl GM, DGM Mobile, DGM CFA-II, DGM Finance and other dignataries.He also thanked Com.S.A.Bhadane, Com.G.G.Borase,Com.S.R.Kapadnis and the whole organizing team for arrangement of grand felicitation ceremony. He said that Mr.Sangale is nobody. It is the support of Comrades of SNEA[I] Nashik from where Mr.Sangale of today is evolved. While speaking on suggestions he assured that he will handle the situations of higher level and for that there is no necessity of giving up aggressiveness. One has to be aggressive if he is working for just demands and Mr.Sangale has never supported illegitimate demands. He summed up the works he performed during his tenure as Divisional Secretary. He also reminded all that he has worked as Jt Sec[N] in SNEA Maharashtra. He has worked as standby Circle Secretary during the tenure of Com.S.S.Dhangar. He also assured that he will work for betterment of Executive community as well as for development of BSNL.



Grand Felicitation Ceremony:-Grand felicitation ceremony for Com.M.B.Sangale was organized in Conference Hall of Sr.GMT Nashik office. Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik Shri.M.K.Jainji was the chief guest. The dignitaries from Nashik SSA present were Addl.GM Shri.Nitinji Mahajan, DGM Mobile Shri.Rakeshji Shrivastava, DGM [CFA-II] Shri.K.A.Baviskarji, DGM Finance Shri.D.N.Gharde, DS BSNLEU Com.G.N.Wagh, DS SC/ST Federation Shri.P.B.Pagare, FNTO Prez Shri.Shailesh Dhande and Divisional Engineers.

SNEA leaders present were Jt.Sec[W]CHQ/DS SNEA Nashik Com.M.B.Sangale, Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad, Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil , Prez SNEA Nashik Com.S.A.Bhadane,other Executive body members and SNEA Comrades.

Com.S.A.Bhadane compeered the proceedings of the ceremony. He welcomed Hon.Sr.GMT Shri.M.K.Jainji. Com.S.V.Bhad handed over the momento from SNEA [I]CHQ to Hon.Sr.GMT.

Com.S.R.Kapadnis welcomed Hon.Addl.GM Shri.Nitinji Mahajan, Com.C.R.Kadam greeted DGM[CFA-II] Shri.K.A.Baviskarji, Com.P.M.Joshi honored DGM Finance Shri.D.N.Gharade.

Felicitation of Com.M.B.Sangale on acquiring Jt.Sec.CHQ post was done by Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik. Hon.Sr.GMT also felicitated Com.S.V.Bhad- our Circle Prez. Addl.GM Shri.Nitinji Mahajan felicitated Com.P.N.Patil our Circle Treasurer. Addl.GM also felicitated Com.A.R.Akhade for outstanding work performed at Nanded during AIC.

Com.G.N.Wagh, Com.P.B.Pagare, Com.Shailesh Dhande wished good luck and success for Com.M.B.Sangale for new assignment at CHQ level. Com.Bhad during his speech made special reference to the outstanding work performed by Com.A.R.Akhade during AIC in detail.

Addl.GM Shri.Nitinji Mahajan, DGM Mobile Shri.Rakeshji Shrivastava and DGM [CFA-II] Shri.K.A.Baviskar during their speeches gave valuable suggestions to Com.M.B.Sangale for the new task he has to perform as Jt.Sec[W] CHQ.

Hon.Sr.GMT during his speech congratulated Com.M.B.Sangale for grand achievment and touched many issues of importance to Executive community including issue of transfers.

Vote of thanks were delivered by Com.G.G.Borase-District treasurer.


On 04-04-2012 Jt.Sec[W],CHQ Com.M.B.Sangale, Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad and delegation of SNEA[I] Nashik met Hon.Addl.GM Shri.Nitinji Mahajan. Hon.Addl.GM congratulated Com.M.B.Sangale on being elected as Jt.Sec.[W],CHQ SNEA[India].

Message from General Secretary Com.Sebastin. <Message>

Request transfer in the cadre of DE <order>

DS and Jt Sec[W] CHQ -Com.M.B.Sangale wished happy birthday to Our dear Addl.GM Shri.Nitinji Mahajan, one of the few selfless ITS pearls shining brightly in BSNL who understood that there are things of more value than self up gradation. He wished on behalf of SNEA[I],Nashik "Happy Birthday! and expressed prayer with hope that he has a great day celebrating and more importantly, has a great next year full of lots of success and happiness!" He is a person who has opted for BSNL without any hesitation. The devotion and attachment to BSNL, the rare quality among ITS fraternity is filled to the brim in him and we salute the daring of the man while opting for BSNL when whole flock was marching towards fulfillment of selfish motives.

Historical Message of Telecom wizard SAM PITRODA through Video Conferencing on the eve of 28th AIC of SNEA(I) at Nanded and interactive session between SAM PITRODA and GS, SNEA(I) on critical issues of Viability of BSNL. View Video Conferencing

AIC : Key note address of GS in the open session.<KNA>  Report of the GS adopted in the AIC.<GSR>

On arrival of Com.M.B.Sangale to Nashik, marathon  felicitation ceremonies were organized at N.D.Patel road, Canada Corner and Sanchar Bhavan. Whole Nashik SSA is delighted on Com.Sangale being elected as Joint Secretary[West],CHQ.

Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad described the events at Nanded in detail and thanked Nashik delegates for extensive efforts at Nanded for success of AIC. He disclosed some secrets of the success and explained with example what one can achieve with unity and solidarity.

Executives and Non Executives at N.D.Patel road, Canada Corner and Sanchar Bhavan felicitated Com.Sangale, Com.S.V.Bhad and Com.P.N.Patil on this historical achievement.

We also met Hon.Addl.GM Shri.Nitinji Mahajan who congratulated Com.Sangale on this grand achievement.

At Sanchar Bhavan , N.D.Patel road & Canada corner Com.Sangale was felicitated by leaders of all Associations and Unions and expressed happiness over receipt of representation for Nashik at CHQ level. These leaders & Executives include Com.G.N.Wagh-DS BSNLEU, Com.Dilip Godse-DS NFTE, Com.Shailesh Dhande-Prez FNTO, Com. Pagare-DS SC/ST Federation, Smt.J.A.Mundlik & Smt.N.N.Rajbhoj.

At Sanchar Bhavan Com.Bhad apprised the gathering of  online communication of Com.G.L.Jogi-President SNEA[I] CHQ with advisor to Prime Minister Hon.Shri.Sam Pitroda on burning issues of BSNL including ITS absorption.

Com.P.N.Patil too apprised us of the efforts taken by our leaders and delegates for success of AIC.

At all three location our President Com.S.A.Bhadane organized the ceremonies with his unique compeering skill.

Com.M.B.Sangale assured us that he will perform the task of new assignment with full vigor and enthusiasm now at CHQ level for betterment of Executive as well as non executive community.

The campus of N.D.Patel Road, Canada Corner and Sanchar Bhavan filled with echoes of Com.Sangale age badho hum tumhare saath hain!, Com.Bhad age badho hum tumhare saath hain!, Com.Patil age badho , Com.Bhadane age badho, SNEA Zindabad!

[ Photos of felicitation ceremonies are not uploaded due to corruption in mobile handset. I regret the failure on my part and hope that I will be excused for the unavoidable mistake.]

WARM WELCOME:- Our DS Com.M.B.Sangale along with Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad , Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil  and CEC Member Com.A.R.Akhade has arrived at Nashik late night at about 02:00 Hrs. His arrival from Nanded is beginning of new era in the history of Nashik SNEA. He will be representing Nashik at CHQ level. He has made the history and has become the first leader to acquire post at New Delhi. Com.Sangale has extended sincere thanks to Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad,Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Adsul, AGS Com.A.R.Manani,  Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil and other Circle Office bearers along with Circle Secretaries of other Circles, District Secretaries,our delegates , observers and well wishers for showing profound confidence in his leadership. Com.Sangale has proved his ability at Nashik as DS in resolving the issues of Executives and now he will be committed to resolve the issues of the Executives at CHQ level. He will be available for contact from 11:30Hrs today. Com.Sangale has conveyed thanks to SNEA Nashik , President Com.S.A.Bhadane, VP Com.C.R.Kadam, CEC Member Com.A.R.Akhade, ADS'- Com.S.R.Kapadnis,Com.Kaphare,Com.P.M.Joshi, Com.P.D.Rade , Org Sec Com.P.B.Vispute other District Office bearers and members of Nashik  SNEA for they being the real strength behind his dynamic personality.

Due to non availability of Sr.GMT Nashik Shri.M.K.Jainji Grand Felicitation program is postponed to  Monday ,09-04-2012, 16:00 Hrs at Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik.

  Circle Office issued DE Officiating promotion order < Order>

Our dynamic DS Com.M.B.Sangale along with Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad & Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil is arriving today after attending AIC at Nanded where Com.Sangale is elected as Joint Secretary[West],CHQ. On 04-04-2012 Com.Sangale along with Circle Prez & Circle Treasurer is going to visit Canada Corner, N.D.Patel Road and Sanchar Bhavan to apprize our Comrades regarding the developments and achievements at AIC Nanded. A meeting is proposed at TRC Hall Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik on 04-04-2012 at 17:30Hrs. All the Executive body members as well as SNEA Comrades are requested to attend the meeting where we are going to felicitate Com.M.B.Sangale being elected as Joint Secretary [West]. We are also going to felicitate our Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad and Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil as their role in acquiring representation for Nashik at CHQ level cannot be ignored. No doubt our delegates, observers and well wishers too are worthy of felicitation and here we extend our sincere thanks to all of them involved in providing this opportunity to Nashik SNEA.


SNEA [I], Nashik congratulates newly elected CHQ office bearers. SNEA[I] Nashik has got the honor of representing west zone on our DS Com.M.B.Sangale being elected as Jt.Secretary [West]. We also congratulate our Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad, Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Adsul, Circle Office bearers and the host branch Nanded for successful AIC of SNEA[I], India. We also express our sincere gratitude and thanks to the delegates and observers from all over India for participation in this grand event. SNEA[I] Nashik will extend full support to our CHQ body in execution of our policies.

1 PRESIDENT    Com.G.L.Jogi -New Delhi