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20 MAY 2015: Implementation of BSNL’s Employee Transfer policy:  BSNL corporate office expressed displeasure on non implementation of employees transfer policy in circles which is in existence since 07.05.2008, and requested to implement it in true spirit. <<<Letter>>>

20 MAY 2015: Transfer orders SDE/JTO:  MH Circle office issued transfer orders (own cost & in the interest of service) for JTO and SDE. <<<Order_JTO>>> <<<Order_SDE>>>

16 MAY 2015: Unused BSNL Mobile 3G DATA will now add on next recharge: As per the latest announcement of BSNL, this new facility (unused Mobile Data adds on next Recharge) will be applicable for all the GSM 2G / 3G prepaid mobile customers of all BSNL circles across India. It is also applicable for all the customers of normal data STVs and longer validity BSNL 3G Data Plan Vouchers. <<<Letter>>>

10 MAY 2015: Meeting of SNEA (I) Nashik with Executives of Electrical wing: The delegation of SNEA (I) Nashik under dynamic leadership of Com M.B.Sangale Jt.Sec(W),CHQ along with DP Com S.V.Warungase, DS, CEC member Com S.A.Chavan & activist of SNEA(I) Com P.G.Khule met the Executives of Electrical wing at their office at Canada Corner for their genuine issues related to Comprehensive maintenance , day to day maintenance  & AMC of Electromechanical devices in Nashik SSA.
        In this meeting  many Electrical wing related issues & grievances were addressed by Executives of Electrical wing along with their cadre related issues & our Jt.Sec(W) CHQ Com M.B.Sangale remarkably addressed the queries & finally for some more gravity issues it is decided to accord the meeting with Hon.GMT Nashik in next week.
        The meeting lasted for more than 2 Hrs. The meeting was attended by all Electrical wing members of SNEA(I) Nashik Com Joshi M.M., Com Kamod D.R., Com Kulkarni A.R., Com Javed Attar, Com Kunjekar S.D., Com Mahajan S.S. and Com Smt Mandalik M.D.

08 MAY 2015: All India Conference of SNEA (I): All India Conference will be held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 05th, 06th and 07th September instead of 29-31 August, 2015. Pre AIC CWC will be on 04th September instead of 28th August, 2015.

07 MAY 2015: Today’s DHARANA and trade union actions called off: CMD called association for discussion on Charter of demands yesterday at 17.00 Hrs. After detailed discussions with CMD, DIR HR, ED (Fin) and Sr GM (SR) on all the issues contained in the notice and concrete assurances given by Management that issues would be resolved by 15th August 2015, CHQ has decided to call off the Trade Union actions. As such, today’s day long DHARANA and next agitation program on this subject stands called off. <<<Appeal by Corporate Office>>>

06 MAY 2015: One day DHARANA on 7th May 2015 : The general meeting of executives of SNEA(I) Nashik was hold on 05-05-2015 at 17.30 Hrs. at Sanchar Bhavan Nashik. It is decided to-

  • Hold mass DHARANA on 07-05-2015 as per program given by SNEA CHQ. All members of SNEA(I) are requested to participate in DHARANA and office bearers are requested to apply for one day CL and participate to make the DHARANA program successful.
  • The selection of delegates for AIC is postponed and will be decided in next meeting.
  • As DP SNEA (I) Nashik is transferred to Circle office Mumbai, it is decided to handover the charge of DP to Com. S.V. Warunghse, till next GB.
  • Com. M. B. Sangle, Jt. Sec (W) CHQ, appreciated the working of Com. A. R. Akhade, for excellent work as DP SNEA (I) Nashik for last three consecutive terms.
The List of SNEA (I) members along with team leaders is attached herewith. The team leaders are requested to remind the members through SMS /Ringing before & on scheduled date to participate in DHARANA. <<<Ringing list>>>

03 MAY 2015Sad News:SNEA(I) Nashik extend heartfelt condolences over sad demise of Shri. Murlidhar Nagwshwar Joshi beloved father of our AGM(Staff), C.O. Mumbai & Ex. D.S. SNEA(I) Nashik Com. P.M.Joshi. He passed away on 30-04-2015 at 09.30 p.m. at Thane due to heart attack at the age of about 82 years. He was admitted in Metro Hospital, Thane. He was a retired employee of Indian Railway. The 13th day program will be held at RAMKUND Panchvati, Nashik at 08.30 a.m. on 11-05-2015. May God give sufficient strength & courage to the bereaved family members to come out of this situation. 
02 MAY 2015:
Meeting of SNEA(I) Nashik : DS SNEA(I) ,Nasik has notified the meeting of SNEA(I) Nashik on 5th May 2015 at 17:30 Hrs sharp at TRC Hall, Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik  to discuss about-

  • “Mass DHARANA On 07-05-2015” as per the program given by SNEA CHQ.
  • Decide the delegates to attend All India Conference of SNEA (I) to be held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 29th , 30th  and 31st August, 2015.
         Leaders of CHQ, Circle at Nashik, District & Branch Executive body members & all interested Comrades & activist are requested to attend the meeting.
02 MAY 2015:
Recruitment of Management Trainee (MT) In BSNL from external candidates: BSNL will fill up 200 posts of Management Trainee (MT) out of which 150 posts will be filled for Telecom Operations stream and 50 posts will be filled for telecom Finance stream from external candidates. To know details see <<<Notification>>>
02 MAY 2015:Meeting with Secretary, DoT by Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations: Forum leaders held detailed discussions with Secretary (DoT) on the charter of demands on which BSNL employees gone for two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015. CMD/BSNL, Smt. Rita A Teaotia /Special Secretary (T), Shri. N. K. Yadav/Member(Services), Smt. Annie Moreas/Member(Finance), Smt Aruna Sundaraj/USO Administrator, Sri V. Umashankar/Joint Secretary(T), Smt Sujata Ray/ED (Finance), Sri Shameem Akthar/Sr. GM (SR) and Sri Sanjeev Gupta/Director (PSU) were present in the meeting. Sec (T) assured that Govt is committed to support BSNL and at the same time BSNL should improve the services to retain the subscribers. Govt is getting lot of complaints even from MPs and Ministries about the poor services and even they are opposing any assistance to BSNL due to poor quality of services. This problem has to be addressed by BSNL Mgt and employees together, then DoT will be in a better position to extend help to BSNL from various agencies, Secretary told us. The discussion continued for about two hours on various issues. GS attended the meeting on behalf of SNEA (I).
Discussion on various issues:
1. Immediate refund of about Rs 15,000 Crores BSNL money with Govt on following accounts: Forum leaders explained that when an amount of Rs 15,000 Cr BSNL money is with Govt, BSNL is forced to take loan from banks for the capital expenses. If the amount is returned to BSNL, it can easily fund the projects without any loans or interest payment.    
a)   Refund of balance Rs 4700 Crores on BWA spectrum charges: About Rs 2000 Crores already adjusted. Forum demanded that balance 4700 Cr to be refunded in a single lot so that BSNL can utilize it for expansion purposes. Sec/DoT informed that DoT is in constant touch with Finance Ministry to allot more budgetary funds so that maximum repayment can be made to BSNL. Sec/DoT himself spoken to the Secretary in Finance Ministry in this regard.

b)  Reconciliation of BSNL accounts by DoT for refund of Income Tax. An amount of Rs 7000 Crore is held up in IT Dept.Forum requested to complete the reconciliation of BSNL accounts in a time bound manner so that BSNL get the refund from IT Dept. Sec/DoT informed that a committee has been formed in this regard under Jt Sec(T) and work is already started. Jt Sec further informed that the reconciliation work for two years already completed and the remaining 7 years is targeted to be completed by 31st May, 2015.
c)   Excess payment Rs 2400 Cr on pension contribution: Forum explained the issue in details where as BSNL is compelled by Dot/Finance to make the pension contribution to the maximum of the pay scale where as the DoPT order is for actual basic pay. After discussion Sec/DoT assured that the issue is under active consideration of DoT and DoT is in constant touch with DoE to settle the issue in favour of BSNL.  
d)  USO Fund subsidy for 2012-13, Rs 1250 Cr: It is informed that it is in advanced stage and the entire amount will be refunded.
e)  Refund of salary to the employees deputed to TERM Cell, Rs 400 Cr: It is informed that DoT is working out the modalities to refund the entire amount.

2.  Transfer of Land and Assets to BSNL : It is informed that the work is in progress. More than dot, BSNL has to take a lead in this regard. More than 98% of land and buildings can be transferred without any problem as documents are clear. The mutation work can be expedited.

3.  Compensation for loss making Rural services: Compensation can be made based on the recommendations of agencies like TRAI only. Last recommendation was for 2011-12 and 2012-13 years by that subsidy will end. Otherwise fresh recommendation has to come from TRAI. In order to help BSNL, most of the Govt projects are given to BSNL on nomination basis like defence project, NOFN project, LWE project etc. However, Forum demanded further support from Govt as it is making losses to the tune of Rs 7000 to 8000 Crores per year to maintain Rural telephone network.

4.  Merger of BSNL and MTNL: Forum demanded that merger should happen only after the settlement of issues like loan of Rs 11,000 Crores taken by MTNL, 44% share of MTNL and HR issues. Sec/DoT assured that if Govt is taking a decision to merge both BSNL and MTNL, these issues will be addressed before that.

5.  Govt support for expansion of network : Forum demanded for soft loan to BSNL to fund the expansion of network. Sec/ DoT informed that this demand cannot be considered now as it will affect the level playing field. All operators are taking loan and expanding the network, BSNL also can do the same. Forum further requested for infusion of more Govt equity in BSNL so that it can be utilised for further expansion. Sec/DoT was non-committal on this issue.

6.  Filling the posts of Directors of BSNL Board: Sec/DoT informed that DoT is using its whole machinery to expedite the appointment of Directors in BSNL.

7.  Automatic pension revision in the future without linking it with pay revision: Forum demanded that the pension revision should be referred to VII CPC or 3rd PRC with specific terms of reference that it should not be linked with pay revision of the serving employees or the profitability of the company. After discussion it was agreed that it will be referred to 3rd PRC with specific reference of pension revision and delinking pension revision from pay revision.

8. 78.2% IDA merger for the pensioners : Forum expressed strong resentment over the abnormal delay in settlement of the issues. Finally Sec/DoT assured that the issue will be resolved soon and DoT is in touch with DoE also in this regard to finalize the cabinet memo. Forum further requested to expedite the same.

9.  30% superannuation benefit to BSNL directly recruited employees : Secretary(T) told us to discuss the issue with BSNL Management and DoT is nothing to do with this.

The response from Secretary/DoT and other senior officers were positive and they shown keen interest to resolve the issues one by one.

02 MAY 2015: Appellate authority, CPIO & APIO under RTI : With  the    approval  of    CGMT,  Maharashtra   Circle,    Mumbai ,    Sr.  GM (HR and Admn), Maharashtra Circle is now nominated as Appellate Authority for appeals under RTI. Consequently, DGM (Admn) Circle Office,   Mumbai   shall   be CPIO and AGM (Admn) Circle office, Mumbai shall be APIO   under the RTI Act, 2005. <<<Order>>>

01 MAY 2015: एस. एन. ई. ए. नासिक तर्फे सर्वाना महाराष्ट्र दिन आणि कामगार दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा.

01 MAY 2015:EDITORIAL MAY 2015 <<<>>>

01 MAY 2015: DOPTs clarification on LTC, NDA, CCL and Children education allowance:  DOPT issued clarification on LTC, NDA, CCL and children education allowance. <<<Letter>>>

01 MAY 2015: Next AIC of SNEA at Jaipur : Next All India Conference of SNEA(I) will be held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 29th , 30th  and 31st August, 2015. Pre-AIC CWC will be on 28th August, 2015.

01 MAY 2015: New Login procedure for BSNL Corporate office intranet site : As per letter from Corporate office IT cell the process of restricting the unauthorized users to access the BSNL intranet website is in progress. The database of users verified by circle/unit administrators will henceforth be used for allowing access to BSNL Intranet ( On first login, the users will have to authenticate through an OTP (One Time Password) sent to their registered mobile number. The migration to the new system will be done on 05.05.2014. After this migration, unverified users will not be able to access BSNL Intranet, till they get their details verified through Circle / Unit Administrators. In the new login process, Personal No. of the employees will be the user-id of BSNL Intranet portal. Retired employees will be restricted from accessing the BSNL Intranet circulars. There will be no change in the login process for unions / associations and audit offices. Their existing user-id will continue. <<<Letter>>>

28 APR 2015: Meeting with Secretary /DOT postponed to 1st May 2015: Meeting of leaders of forum of BSNL unions & association with Secretary / DOT which was scheduled on 27-04-2015 has now been postponed to 1st May 2015.

28 APR 2015: Transfer order issued by Circle office: AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for own cost request transfers of 29 Executives in MH Circle. <<<Order>>>

27 APR 2015: OM by DoPT for declaration of assets date extended to 15-10-2015: DoPT issued OM extending date for declaration of Assets by Govt. employee under Lokpal & Lokayukt act 2013 from earlier 30/04/2015 to 15/10/2015. <<<Letter>>>

25 APR 2015: Transfer & posting of SDEs in Nashik SSA:  AGM(HR & Admn), BSNL, Nashik issued transfer & posting orders of 3 SDEs in Nashik SSA. <<<Order>>>

25 APR 2015: Promotion from JTO(Civil) to SDE(Civil): BSNL CO issued promotion orders from JTO to SDE Civil under Seniority Cum Fitness quota wherein 52 JTOs are promoted as SDE Civil. SNEA Nashik Congratulate all on their promotion as SDE(Civil). <<<Order>>>

24 APR 2015: LDCE from JTO to SDE under 33% competitive quota:BSNL CO issued revised Notification for LDCE for promotion from JTO to SDE under 33% competitive quota this time for 2025 vacancies of single year 2010-11 and backlog vacancies up to 2009-10 (SC-285 & ST-377). <<<Letter>>>

The LDCE of two OMR based papers will be held on 21/06/2015 as per the syllabus published earlier. All the candidates who have earlier applied online & declared eligible for these vacancies are eligible for examination and there is no need of fresh applications & modifications if any in applications can be incorporated by 28/04/2015. All the admit cards issued earlier are now cancelled and fresh admit cards in respect of only candidates who are eligible for vacancies notified will be issued in due course.

24 APR 2015: Premium train fare not reimbursable : Dept of Expenditure, Govt. of India clarifies that train fare while travel on duty by Government employee by newly introduced Premium Trains are not reimbursable. <<<Letter>>>

24 APR 2015: Indication of ADHAR number in salary package: BSNL CO endorsed the instructions of Pension Cell DOT for indication of ADHAR number in Salary package software as well as in retirement papers. <<<Letter>>>

24 APR 2015: Free calling from BSNL LL during night hours: BSNL has introduced unlimited free calling during night hours from its LL phones to all LL & mobile phones of all service providers’ n/w w.e.f. 01-05-2015. This unlimited free night calling will be available from 09.00 PM to 07.00 AM. <<<Press Release>>>

23 APR 2015: Two days successful Strike: The Two Days Strike made a Very Serious Remark in the History of BSNL...This is the First Time, the STRIKE was 100% Successful and all the Members understood the Ground Reality. Our CHQ says that the STRIKE is a Total success and the increase in the figure shows that the awareness reached at grass root level.  Forum is waiting for the outcome of the discussion  scheduled on 27th April 2015 to decide the future course of actions...Once again we SNEA(I),Nashik congratulate  one and all who stood like a Rock to achieve this goal...

22-04-2015:Successful first day of Strike:On 21-04-2015, i.e. on first day of two days token strike, comrades throughout Nashik SSA have responded with great unity to the call “Save Nation Save BSNL” given by Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations, Comrades registered their protest by staying out of Office and by holding demonstrations out of offices and have shown their commitment & determination for resolution of demands raised by Forum.

This was possible due to strong support of all employees and strong initiatives by all District Secretaries, CHQ/Circle/District Office Bearers & activist of all Unions/Associations. SNEA (I) Nashik thanks all the executives and nonexecutives who have actively participated in Full Day strike. <<<Photos>>>

20 APR 2015: Strike on 21st and 22nd April 2015 : All members of forum of BSNL unions & association and SNEA(I) Nashik are requested to make extensive preparations for strike on 21st and 22nd April 2015. The success of strike will decide the future of BSNL as well as its employees. The two days "stay out strike will be from 00 Hrs of 21st to 24 Hrs of 22nd April, 2015". Forum has to conduct demonstration in front of all Circles, SSA HQs and all major stations on both days. All employees should participate in the two days "stay out strike" to "SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION ".

The List of SNEA (I) members along with team leaders is attached herewith. The team leaders are requested to remind the members through SMS /Ringing before & on scheduled date to participate in strike. <<<List for Ringing>>>

16 MAR 2015:Sad demise of younger Brother of Com G. V. Pawar SDE (OMCR): With deep sorrow and heavy heart it is to inform that Shri. Sunil Pawar, younger brother of Com G.V. Pawar, SDE (OMCR) & Member of SNEA(I), Nashik passed away on 15-04-2015 due to massive heart attack at Jalgaon. Last rites will be performed at Jalgaon at 12.00 Hrs on 16-04-2015. SNEA [I] Nashik shares the grief of our Com G. V. Pawar & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

15 APR 2015: Lunch Hour demonstration: As per the call given by SNEA (I) CHQ for lunch hour demonstration today, almost all the comrades participated in it at Sanchar Bhavan Nashik for their long pending genuine demands by wearing the badges. Com. M. B. Sangle, Jt.Sec (W) CHQ & Com. R. R. Mahajan, DS addressed and guided the mass gathering during the lunch hour demonstration.

   SNEA (I), Nashik thanks sincerely to all the comrades, executives of Nashik SSA for their participation in the demonstration program with unity to make it a grand success. <<<Photos>>>

13 APR 2015: Lunch Hour demonstration on 15-04-2015 : All members of SNEA(I) Nashik are requested to make extensive preparations for the Lunch Hour demonstration on 15.04.2015 on the charter of demands, wearing badges and observing it as DEMAND DAY.

Make campaign among all the Executives to join hands and participate in the agitation to settle the HR issues of all the Executives this time. The List of members along with team leaders is attached herewith. The team leaders are requested to remind the members through SMS /Ringing before & on scheduled date to participate in lunch hour demonstration at Sanchar Bhawan. <<<List for ringing>>>

Charter of demands:

  1. Standard Pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc upto SGJAG.
  2. Time Bound Functional Promotion between 4 to 6 years.
  3. Settlement of Pay Anomalies.
  4. First TBP after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.
  5. Upgraded pay scales and amendments of RRs for Civil/Elect/Arch wings.

<<<Badges to be printed>>>

11 APR 2015: Blood donation camp :Com. N.B.Patole, AGM CS, member of SNEA Nashik  and Chairman of Dr. Jayesh Patole charitable trust, Nashik has appealed all to participate in a blood donation camp on 12th April 2015 at 9.00 1.30 P.M. Sunday morning at 'ANANT CHIKITSAIAYA', Bora shilpa, Red cross signal, Tilakpath Nashik-1 in the loving memory of his son Late Dr. Jayesh Patole.  <<<Appeal>>

10 APR 2015: Executive body meeting of SNEA(I) Nashik : DS SNEA(I) ,Nasik has notified the Executive Body meeting of SNEA(I) Nashik today on 10th Apr 2015 at 17:30 Hrs sharp at TRC Hall, Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik  regarding two days strike on 21 & 22 April 2015 and agitation program given by SNEA CHQ. Leaders of CHQ, Circle at Nashik, District & Branch Executive body members & all interested Comrades & activist are requested to attend the meeting.

09 APR 2015: Meeting of forum of BSNL unions & Associations : Dear comrades the conveyor of forum of BSNL unions & association Com. S.A. Bhadane, DS SNEA has informed that, the meeting of forum of BSNL Unions & Associations is scheduled at the following places, dates & time for mobilization of members for 100% success of two days strike on 21 & 22 April 2015. Kindly attend the meeting & inform to your members of that unit for 100% attendance.

  1. Nashik road             09/04/2015               09.45 Hrs.
  2. Sanchar Bhavan        09/04/2015               13.30 hrs.
  3. Canada Corner         10/04/2015                13.30 hrs. at TRC Hall.
09 APR 2015Sad News:With deep sorrow and heavy heart it is to inform that Com. R.P.Kaphare SDE Nashik SSA passed away yesterday morning at 11:30 hrs  at Sopan Hospital  .Com Kaphare met with massive road accident Near Dwaraka Circle at Nashik while he was on the way to office on 04 April 2015. 

            Com.Kaphare was driving his moped and met with road accident & then immediately some unknown persons admitted him to WOKHEART Hospital which was near from the accident spot. As the information reached to N.D.Patel Rd. Telephone Exchange   Com. M B Sangale Joint Sec.(W) CHQ ,  Com S.A. Bhadane District Secretary , Com S.A. Chavan CEC Member & Com P.B.Vispute Ex.ADS(U) rushed  to hospital within 15 minutes & provided emergency help to Com Kaphare but his condition was very critical. After preliminary medical aid he was shifted to ICCU of BSNL Empanelled Sopan Hospital at Nashik & was under medical supervision from last Saturday. 

            Com. R.P.Kaphare was 55 years old & left behind his wife with one married & two unmarried daughters. He was very helpful in nature and was known for giving helping hand to all in any odd & difficult period. He was well  known with name RajaBhau Kaphare in Nashik SSA & in his friend circle.

            Com. R.P.Kaphare was working as SDE Spl.Services at N.D.Patel Rd.Exchange and has always put his best services to BSNL Nashik in Rural & Urban area. His untimely exist is big loss to his family and also to SNEA (I). Com R.P.Kaphare was die hard member of SNEA (I) and he has always played very leading and active role in association activities for years together. He has rendered his services as DS JETA Nashik during period 1994-1996, DP JETA during period 1996-1997 , ADS(R) in SNEA(I),Nashik. SNEA(I) has lost its great & fighting soldier.  Com.Kaphare & his devoted work for BSNL & association will be remembered for years together. The last rites were performed at Amardham Nashik at 1800 hrs yesterday.

      SNEA (I) Nashik prays Almighty to give courage to the aggrieved family members of Com. R.P.Kaphare to overcome this difficult period. We also pray God to give peace and space in heaven to departed soul.

08 APR 2015Sad demise of Com. R. P. Kaphare,  SDE (Spl services): Com R. P. Kaphare, SDE (Spl Services) & Member of SNEA(I), Nashik was admitted in Sopan Hospital on 04-04-2015 due to massive road accident while he was on the way to office. He was in the ICU as he suffered critical head injuries. He passed away today at Sopan Hospital. Last rites will be performed today on at 17.00 Hrs.  at Amardham, Dwarka, Nashik. SNEA [I] Nashik shares the grief of our Com R. P. Kaphare & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul. Com. Raja Kaphare was a die-hard member of SNEA. In SNEA he hold the post of ADS, Executive body member, etc. He also served as DS, DP of our association formerly known as JETA in the year 1994-95.

07 APR 2015: Waiting list of JTO & SDE for request transfer in MH Circle: AGM Staff Mumbai published waiting list of request transfers in JTO and SDE Cadre. He further states that any requests for cancellation or modification of transfers are to be submitted latest by 20/04/2015. <<<W/L JTO>>>  <<<W/L SDE>>>

07 APR 2015: Seniority list No. 6 & 7 of TES Gr. B equivalent to SDE (T) revised: Judgment dated 25.08.2009 of Hon. CAT, Chandigarh Bench in TA No. 84/HR/2009 is implemented and accordingly BSNL CO revised seniority list no.6 & 7 of TES Gr. B officers. The last date for submission of corrections in revised list is 18/04/2015. <<<Order>>> <<<List no.6 PDF>>> <<<List No. 6 Excel>>> <<<List no.7 PDF>>> <<<List No. 7 Excel>>>

07 APR 2015: JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon. HC of Ernakulam- Update : The case is posted in June - 2015, Since the court vacation starts from 10-April.

07 APR 2015 :Heartiest Congratulations to Com. A. D. Joshi SDE (Deolali), Nashik :SNEA(I) Nashik Congratulates  our active & sincere member Com.A.D.Joshi SDE (Deolali), Nashik  for awarding a very prestigious Circle level award "Vishishta  SANCHAR SEVA PADAK-2014" in the category of Executive-I for the year 2013-14 at Sanchar Bhavan Nashik on 31st March 2015 in special function .This could be achieved only due to devotion & dedication of  Com.A.D.Joshi  towards providing very excellent services in the Deolali subdivision .The award was distributed by GMT Nashik in the Spl.function with cash award of Rs.21000/- with Silver Medal & citation.

      Com S.V.Bhad Circle President, DP Com A.R.Akhade, DS SNEA Nashik  Com.S.A.Bhadane ,Com S.A.Chavan CEC Member & most of Ex. Body Members  were present in the function . Com M.B.Sangale Jt.SEC(W) CHQ  has telephonically congratulated him for this achievement and he deserve for the congratulation. Com A.D Joshi SDE(Deoalali) categorically told in his speech that this award is not only my alone but the efforts of team work of whole Nashik SSA.

06 APR 2015: CGMT MH visit at Nashik : The delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising of  Com. Sangale M.B. Jt. Sec(W) CHQ, Com. Akhade A.R. DP, Com. Chavan S.A. CEC member, Com. Bhadane S. A. DS, Com. Kadam C. R. VP(I), Com. Warunghse S. V. VP(II),  Com. Kapadnis S. R. Org. Sec, Com. Kulkarni S.S. ADS, Com. Mahajan R.R. ADS, Com. Shardul S.R. ADS, Com. Patil P. N., Com. Vispute P. B., Com. Kothawade M. L., Com. Charwaker J. D. Br. Sec., Com. Nikam N.G. ADS, Com. Santosh Shrivastav, Com. Khairnar D.K., Com. Girase B.N. & Com. J.M. Kale met Hon. Shri. G. K. Upadhyayji, CGMT, MH Circle, during his visit to Nashik. The delegation welcomed Hon. CGMT with beautiful flower bouquet in presence of Hon. GMT Nashik, Shri. Sureshbabu Prajapatiji. After welcome there was a short meeting in the chamber of GMT Nashik in which some important development & HR issues were discussed.  

Development Issues:-

  1. Shortage of minimum required stores like, Drop wire, 5pair Cable, Jointing Kits, UY connector, 3M strip etc. OF cable and joint closers, modems with different configuration for BB installation.
  2. Requirement of Batteries for BTSs: - Due to poor condition of batteries at most of BTS locations, GSM services are deteriorated. This has very severe impact on revenue in rural area due to heavy power load shading and similar impact in urban area where data usage is more.
  3. It is also noticed by this Association that most of BTSs are down due to shortage of hardware  like TRE, Suma, XCEM, and XCCM cards etc. On this issue Hon. CGMT told that 32 Cr. New tender is ready and Alcatel is also ready for supply of these hardware.
  4. The expansion of roads and Development work in Nasik are just initiated and under progress by various authorities like PWD, NMC, MSEDCL, Irrigation etc to face forth coming mega event, Kumbhmela. Due to various upcoming projects in Nasik Municipal area, our existing OF and UG cable Network is severely damaged and hence the adequate quantity of store material to be made available to provide uninterrupted services to our esteemed customers during Kumbhamela.
  5. Improper maintenance of DG sets and AC Units at BTS Sites resulting in Poor QOS.
  6. No response and support from ZTE for attending hardware fault of CDMA MSC, BSC/BTS though AMC is in force. 
  7. Installation of CCN hampered due to withdrawal of support   by HCL, intervention at top level Management is required.
  8. Necessity of RF maintenance tender to be floated, he said that the tender may be floated at SSA level.
  9. Sanction of Additional 2G & 3G GSM BTSs for better services during Kumbhamela at Nashik City as well as SDCA HQ & all important towns in Nashik SSA.
  10. ESS Portal login problem and delay opening page.
  11. Shortage of material like various sizes of OFC cables and jointing kits for maintenance work.

HR Issues:-

  1. Migration of Civil executives in Telecom District to utilize engineering expertise in telecom field (EB & Marketing).
  2. Genuine request of Shri. Mahajan Sopan S. JTO Nashik: - Shri. Mahajan Sopan S. JTO transferred and posted to Dhule and requested for further one year retention due to medical problem of his spouse.
  3. Excluding Nashik SSA long stayed Executives from inter- circle transfer up to March 2016 for successful conduction of Mega event “Singastha-Kumbhmela” at Nashik-Trimbakeshwar.
     The meeting was very fruitful and Hon. CGMT responded positively & assured to look into all above points. We are very much thankful to CGMT for giving us valuable time from his busy schedule for discussion with us on important points raised by this Association for development of BSNL. <<<Draft Letter>>>  <<<Photos>>>

31 MAR 2015: Superannuation of Com. P. A. Nilkhe DE(IT & EB): SNEA(I) Nashik Heartily Congratulates Com. P.A.NILKHE,DE (IT& EB) Nashik on his retirement on Superannuation on 31.03.2015 and wish him a very happy, peaceful & healthy retired life.

            Com. P.A.NILKHE, is a senior & die-hard member of SNEA (I) Nashik and always ahead in each and every activity of SNEA (I) Nashik. His contribution in the department is for 41 years. He entered in DOT in 1973 and worked in Nashik SSA till 2006 at different units such as Nasikroad, Sinnar, Satpur, CTTC Nashik & computer section Nashik. Then he was transferred at Aurangabad and worked there up to 2011. Again he was transferred to Nashik SSA and worked as DE at Manmad (2011 to 2014) .Since March 2014 he is working as DE (IT& EB).  He is continuing his duties with same dedication & sincerity till the last day of his retirement.

             SNEA (I) Nashik salutes sincerity, dedication and affection of Com. P.A.NILKHE, DE, BSNL .On behalf of all the Comrades of Nashik SSA, SNEA (I) Nashik conveys him best wishes for his happy and long retired life. 

28 MAR 2015: Transfer & posting of JTOs in MH circle : AGM (staff), Circle office, Mumbai issued orders for transfer & posting of JTOs in MH circle. <<<Order>>>

28 MAR 2015: DGM L/A Promotion : AGM (staff), Circle office, Mumbai issued orders for DGM L/A promotion & posting for 42 officers in MH circle. <<<Order>>>

28 MAR 2015: Transfer & posting of SDEs: AGM (Admn), Nashik issued transfer and posting order of four SDEs in Nashik SSA. <<<Letter>>>

25 MAR 2015:BSNL Lifetime Plan with Auto ,Validity Extension – Launched : Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has announced the introduction of new Prepaid Plan for mobile users as Lifetime Plan at lowest plan charges of Rs.8 with one minute pulse rate. This newly introduced Lifetime Plan with auto validity extension will be available as a regular prepaid mobile plan in all BSNL circles across India with effect from 25th March 2015. The newly introduced plan will enable BSNL customers to keep alive their mobile by just spending a little amount of Rs.8/- half yearly. <<<Letter>>>

25 MAR 2015:Revision of FMC of General Plan of LL in Rural area : The corporate office has approved revision of FMC of General Plan in Rural area where exchange capacity is less than 1000 lines on PAN India basis. Accordingly the FMC will be revised from existing Rs. 90/- P.M. to Rs. 120/- P.m. The free calls are enhanced from 90 to 120 on own n/w. The revised tariff will be applicable from 01.04.2015.  <<<Letter>>>

25 MAR 2015:Meeting with Hon. GMT Nashik : The delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Akhade A R DP, Com. Sangle M B Jt.Sec.(West) CHQ, Com. Bhadane S A DS, Com. Chavan S A CEC  member met Hon.GMT Nashik Shri. Sureshbabu Prajapatiji today on 25-03-2015 to discuss about posting of DE L/A, consideration of urban to urban request transfer, transfer and posting of JTOs from rural to urban, expansion of mobile network, connectivity of internet via 2G/3G. The posting of DE L/A is expected tomorrow.

25 MAR 2015: Transfer & posting of JTOs: AGM (Admn), Nashik issued transfer and posting order of four JTOs in Nashik SSA.  <<<Order>>>

23 MAR 2015: Close holiday on 14 APR 2015 on account of Birthday of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar : As per orders from DoPT, closed Holiday is declared on account of Birthday of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on 14 April 2015. <<<Letter>>>

23 MAR 2015:Meeting with Hon. GMT Nashik : The delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Akhade A R DP along with Com. Sangle M B Jt.Sec.(West) CHQ, Com. Bhadane S A DS, Com. Chavan S A CEC  member met Hon.GMT Nashik Shri. Sureshbabu Prajapatiji on 18.03.2015 and discussed following HR & development issues-

  1. Kalwan SDCA having only 1100+ Dels (Including Deola). We suggested to vacant SDE post at Deola and give individual charge to JTO. GMT instructed to Admn. to review the matter to vacate the post of SDE.
  2. Posting of DE L/A as early as possible because there is acute shortage of DE in Nashik. GMT assured to issue posting orders of DE L/A within 2or 3 days.
  3. Implementation of Existing Transfer orders which are pending and consider new request from rural to urban.
  4. Posting of JTO at Canada corner and Cidco external plant.
  5. Regarding meeting on Agenda points- Administration will held the meeting in the first week of April 2015.
  6. Medical bills- Medical bills of all executives are pending from last 3 to 4 months. There are several queries on the bills and all bills are pending at various stages. We have very hot discussion on this issue. GMT assured to follow the Corporate Guidelines for settlement of medical bills.
  7. Write a letter to Circle office for retention of executives which are transferred to other SSA. We suggested to request Circle office for retention of these executives considering upcoming Khumbmela at Nashik this year.
  8. BTS Hardware and Swapping of BTS.
  9. Posting of TTA at MSC NGN as existing TTA is transferred.
  10. Redeployment of Node B at SDCA HQ.
The discussion was very fruitful. Hon. GMT responded positively & assured to look into the matter and all above points.

21 MAR 2015: Best wishes for Gudipadwa and Marathi New Year : SNEA(I) Nashik conveys best wishes to all executives and their families on the eve of Gudipadwa and marathi New year.

20 MAR 2015: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes CMD, BSNL regarding immediate action to recruit at least 300 DGMs from among Internal candidates as a onetime measure & to Increase the number of MTs from proposed 150 to 300 from Internal candidates. <<<Letter>>>

20 MAR 2015: Willingness for DGM L/A : MH circle declared the  SSA wise vacancy position of DGMs in Maharashtra Circle and calls for willingness from 29 DEs for DGM LA Arrangements. The last date for submission of willingness by email is 20/03/2015. <<<Letter>>>

20 MAR 2015: Liason Officer for OBCs : Shri. P.D.Rade , DGM(Admn) MH circle Mumbai will be Liaison Officer for OBCs in Maharashtra Circle. <<<Letter>>>

20 MAR 2015: Volunteers for ERP Core team: BSNL CO calls for volunteers at own cost from the JTOs  less than 40 years age for ERP Core Team at ALTTC Ghaziabad. <<<Letter>>>

18 MAR 2015: Immunity from transfer: BSNL corporate office issued letter regarding modification in the trade union facilities to the representative of recognized unions. Accordingly the issue of immunity from transfer is also modified. <<<Letter>>>

16 MAR 2015: Closing of account of Temporary advance:G.M.(Fin) Mumbai issued guidelines on closure of Temporary advances in view of Account Closure for financial year 2014-15. <<<Letter>>>

16 MAR 2015: Notice for Strike: Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations served Notice for two days strike on 21/04/2015 and 22/04/2015 on demands for Revival of BSNL. <<<Notice>>>

16 MAR 2015: JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon. HC of Ernakulam: After partial hearing due to shortage of time on 13-03-2015, the case is posted for hearing on 07-04-2015.

12 MAR 2015: Lunch hour demonstration on 12-03-2015: As per decision taken in the national forum, the lunch hour demonstration is to be conducted on 12th March 2015 at Corporate, Circle and SSA level. As such all the executives of Nashik SSA are requested to attend lunch hour demonstration at 13.30 Hrs. today at Sanchar Bhavan Nashik.

12 MAR 2015: SDE to DE L/A Promotion :  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for DE LA promotion for 64 SDEs. <<<Order>>>

12 MAR 2015: JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon. HC of Ernakulam: The case is listed for hearing on 13-03-2015.

10 MAR 2015:Waive off 50% & 100% installation charges in case of New Landline & Broadband connection in MH Telecom Circle :BSNL Corporate office has approved the proposal of CGMT MH circle to waive off installation charges by 50% & 100% for New Landline& Broadband connection in MH Telecom Circle as a promotional scheme up to 31.03.2015 with immediate effect. <<<Letter>>>

09 MAR 2015:Sad demise of Brother of Com S. V.Deore SDE (WTR):Shri. Sharad Deore, respected elder brother of Com S.V.Deore SDE (WTR) & Member of SNEA(I), Nashik passed away yesterday night. Last rites will be performed today on 9-3-2015  at 10.00 A.M. at his native place Umrane Dist-Nashik. SNEA [I] Nashik shares the grief of our Com S.V.Deore & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

05 MAR 2015: JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon. HC of Ernakulam- Update : As there is no sitting of Bench today the case is posted for hearing on 09-03-2015.

05 MAR 2015: List of Circle Longest stay SDE: A list of 100 longest stayed SDEs in Maharashtra Circle is published by AGM (Staff) Mumbai. All are requested to go through the list for its correctness. Any corrections, omissions and alteration in data may be brought to the notice of O/o AGM (Staff), CO through proper channel latest by 16/03/2015. Unwilling female officer for inter circle transfer (hard tenure) may submit their unwillingness by mail to within prescribed time. <<<Letter>>>

05 MAR 2015: International women’s day celebration: BSNL CO decided to celebrate “International Women’s Day” by organizing different programs from 08/03/2015 to 13/03/2015. Circle and SSA heads are also requested to arrange similar programs at Circle as well as SSA level. <<<Letter>>>

04 MAR 2015: TTA to JTO Officiating promotion: AGM Staff Mumbai issued TTA to JTO Officiating Orders for 122 TTAs for 180 days from 05/01/2015. <<<Order>>>

04 MAR 2015: ITS repatriation case- Update : Review petition filed by DOT in Delhi High court  for  repatriation of un absorbed ITS officers from BSNL / MTNL   is dismissed.  Contempt case filed by SNEA (I), AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU against deployment of ITS in BSNL is listed for hearing on 23-03-2015.

28 FEB 2015: Shri. G.K.Upadhyay, new CGM of MH Circle : In partial modification to BSNL CO transfer order  dated 20.02.2015 of HAG/SAG level officers, Shri. G. K. Upadhyay will be the new CGM of MH Circle. <<<order>>>

28 FEB 2015: Superannuation of Com. M.V.Kapadne, Com. S.S.Khambore & Com. S.G.Shinde: SNEA(I) Nashik Heartily Congratulates Com. M. V.Kapadne, DE (NashikCity), Com. S.S.Khambore, DE (Trans)Nashik& Com. S. G.Shinde, SDE(Extl)NashikCity on their retirement on Superannuation on 28.02.2015 and wishing them, "A very happy, peaceful & healthy Retired life." Com. M. V. Kapadane, DE(City)(Mob No.9423968866) is a senior & die-hard member of SNEA (I) Nashik and always ahead in each and every activity of SNEA (I) Nashik. Com M. V. Kapadane significantly contributed much more for growth of association from JETA to SNEA(I) & always played magnificent role for increasing membership. He also guided & supported senior leaders of SNEA(I) Nashik in association activities. His contribution in the department is for39 years and 10 months. He entered in DOT in April 1975 as TO(A) at Jalgaon. He worked as PI since 1982 to 1985( Panjim), JTO, since 1985 to 1987 (RROC BOMBAY), 1987 to 1998 (Nashik), 2009 to 2012 (Kolhapur), 2012 to 2014 (Nashik) and D E since 01.08.2014 to 28.02.15. He is continuing his duties with same dedication & sincerity till the last day of his retirement.

Com S.S.Khambore, DE (Trans)(Mob No.9422274188) is also die-hard member of SNEA(I) Nashik. His contribution in development & maintenance in transmission section is very remarkable. His entry in the dept. (DOT) was as a Telephone Operator in 1975. He also served about 40 Years. He passed LICE and promoted as J.T.O in 1994. He worked as JTO since 1994 to 1997 (Jalgaon), 1997 to 2000 (Nashik), SDE since 2000 to 2010 (Nashik) and DE since 2010 to date of his superannuation.

Com S.G. Shinde,SDE (E) City( Mob No.9423967390)is also die-hard& loyal  member of SNEA (I) Nashik. He started his carrier as a telephone operator in 1974. He worked as PI at Ratnagiri & Nashik. He was JTO since 2006 to 2009 (Nashik) and SDE since 2009 to his date of superannuation (Nashik).

SNEA (I) Nashik salutes sincerity, dedication and affection of Com. M.V. Kapadane, Com. S.S.Khambore and Com. S.G.Shinde towards BSNL and SNEA(I). On behalf of all the Comrades of Nashik SSA, SNEA (I) Nashik conveys best wishes for their new inning in happy and long retired life.

27 FEB 2015: Meeting with Hon. G.M.T. Nashik:  The delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Com. M.B.Sangale, Jt.Sec (W) CHQ, Com. R. R. MAHAJAN, DS  and Com. A.R.Akhade  DP met Hon.GMT Nashik Shri. Sureshbabu Prajapatiji on 26.02.2015 and discussed following HR & development issues-

·         Progress of BTS swapping /Radiation – Hon.  GMT informed that the swapping and radiation of one ZTE BTS at Makhmalabad Exchange is done for trial basis & the work of swapping of BTS will be initiated clusterwise to improve  and provide  uninterrupted  services to the GSM customers.

·         Scanning of Mobile CAF at CMTS & Deployment of staff thereof- Hon. GMT told that justified staff have been already posted/ deputed to complete CAF scanning in time bound manner. Necessary instruction will be issued to observe term cell guidelines for CAF at time of Booking.

·         HR issues – Hon. GMT responded positively & assured to take appropriate action for pending cases.

27 FEB 2015: Urban /Rural stay particulars of JTO/SDE : Urban / Rural stay particulars of JTO /SDE are uploaded on Nashik Intranet by Nashik administrations. The executives are requested to verify their stay particulars and the discrepancy if any may be brought to the notice of SDE (Staff) for correction. <<<JTO>>>, <<<SDE>>>

25 FEB 2015: Circle stay particulars of JTO/SDE : The stay particulars of JTO /SDE is uploaded on Nashik Intranet by Nashik administrations. The executives are requested to verify their stay particulars and intimate the discrepancy if any to SDE (Staff) on or before 26.02.2015. <<<stay>>>

23 FEB 2015: Best Wishes for the H.S.C. & S.S.C.Exam-2015 : District Secretary of SNEA(I),Nashik  Conveys best wishes to the wards of BSNL employees who are ready to appear for the H.S.C.& S.S.C board examination 2015.

23 FEB 2015:Updation of GPF data in ERP for the year 2013-14: DGM ERP /Fin Mumbai intimated all IFAs of Maharashtra Circle to verify the updated GPF data in ERP in respect of all employees and officers for year 2013-14 and calls for corrections if any by 27/02/2015.  <<<Letter>>>

23 FEB 2015: Submission of stay particulars of JTO/SDE in MH circle: AGM Staff Mumbai calls for stay particulars of JTOs/SDEs working in Maharashtra Circle for preparation of long stay list which will be operated during year 2015-16 for posting substitute for Inter SSA/Inter Circle Tenure/Request transfers of JTOs/SDEs. <<<Letter>>>

23 FEB 2015: Instructions for closure of exchanges with less than 20 lines : AGM OP CFA Mumbai writes SSA Heads for closure of 850 Telephone Exchanges with less than 20 DELs. <<<Letter>>>  <<<List>>>

23 FEB 2015: SC judgment for rule 206 case : Hon Supreme Court Judgment in CA 4389 of 2010 in SDE seniority as per Rule 206. <<<Judg>>> 

23 FEB 2015: Shri. Prabhash Singh, new CGM of MH Circle : BSNL CO issued transfer orders of HAG/SAG level officers in which Shri. M. K. Jain CGMT MH is transferred from Maharashtra Circle to WTP Circle and Shri. Prabhash Singh, present CGMT ITPC Pune is posted as CGMT MH Circle with looking after charge of CGM ITPC Pune. <<<Order>>>


14 FEB 2015:LDCE for promotion to the grade of SDE to be held on 15-2-2015 Deferred: As per BSNL CO letter, the LDCE for SDE Regular Promotions under 33% quota scheduled on 15/02/2015 is deferred till further orders due to multiple court verdicts resulting into contradictions and administrative constraints thereto. <<<Letter>>>

13 FEB 2015:Discussion forum for SNEA Nashik members: Discussion forum for members of SNEA Nashik is open now. Members can participate in discussion after registration and login. Members are requested to ensure that discussion should be related to our association and BSNL only and use language with full responsibility, no abuse and vulgarity.

12 FEB 2015:LDCE for promotion to the grade of SDE to be held on 15-2-2015 - Upadate: As per BSNL CO letter, the LDCE for SDE Regular Promotions under 33% quota scheduled on 15/02/2015 will now be held only for  vacancies of 2010-11. This order is issued as per directives given by Hon. CAT Guwahati to hold separate examinations for each vacancy year. As such the examination scheduled on 15/02/2015 will be only for JTOs who are eligible against vacancy year 2010-11. Letter further states that the admit cards issued for JTOs who are eligible for vacancies against year 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-2014 stands as withdrawn. <<<Letter>>>

11 FEB 2015: BSNL signed MOU with State Bank of India for extending various loan schemes to BSNL employees. <<<Letter>>> <<<MOU>>>

10 FEB 2015:Regarding settlement of temporary advance:Sr. GM (Fin) MH Circle Mumbai issued a letter with approval of CGMT MH circle regarding settlement of Temporary advance. There is huge amount of Temporary Advance and Fuel Advance outstanding. The letter states that, It has been decided to stop Temporary Advance and Fuel Advance payment from 12/2/2015 till all Temporary Advances paid up to 31/12/2014 has been settled.  Generation of bank files for Temporary Advance will be resumed only after such settlement. In any case, payment of Temporary Advances beyond 15th March 2015 is not to be done in view of Closure of Accounts 2014-15. <<<Letter>>>

10 FEB 2015:Meeting with Hon. GMT Nashik :Meeting with Hon. GMT , Shri Sureshbabu Prajapatiji to discuss HR & development issues was held on 9-2-2015. The meeting was attended by Com. M B Sangale Jt. Sec. (West) CHQ , Com. S A Chavan CEC Member , Com. A R Akhade DP & Com. R. R. Mahajan DS and following issues were discussed.

1. Making over of Project (Mobile) to SSA- GMT assured to take the case at appropriate level.
2. Regarding the work of EMF radiation- EMF parameter for IP sites has not been timely uploaded due to non availability of data from service provider. Hon GMT assured to look into & directed DE (CMTS) to write letter to DE(Mobile ) & service provider for updating EMF parameters, IP wise list and guidelines from the term cell for certification.
3. HR issues- a) Rural to Rural transfer issues,
                    b) Posting of JTO at Canada corner (Extl) & Cidco (Extl), 
Posting of TTA at MSC (Mobile)
Posting of Incharge of mobile gallery at N D Patel road
Redeployment of staff at CDQ /197 and suggestions thereof.

Hon. GMT responded very positively & instructed concerned officers to settle the issues. Moreover Hon GMT briefed the development of SSA especially in Land line, Broadband and GSM parameters and expressed satisfactory remarks.

6 FEB 2015:Sad demise of Father of Com S. L. Nemade SDE (Ambad):Shri. Liladhar Nemade, 87 year old, respected Father of Com S.L.Nemade SDE (Ambad) & Member of SNEA(I), Nashik passed away today  at 1.30 P.M. last rites will be performed tomorrow on 7-2-2015  at 8.30 A.M. at Amardham Nashik.. SNEA [I] Nashik shares the grief of our Com S.L.Nemade & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

6 FEB 2015:Recruitment year of JTOs promoted under 35% and 15% LICE : AGM(Staff) MH circle published the list of JTOs promoted under 35% and 15% quota from TTA to JTO and their year of recruitment. <<<Letter>>>

6 FEB 2015:RULE -8 transfer in respect of JTOs halted : Due to acute shortage of JTOs in MH circle, WTR and WTP,MH circle has stopped Rule -8 transfers with immediate effect for next two years or till joining of new JTOs to MH circle from other circle or new recruitment whichever is earlier. <<<Letter>>>

6 FEB 2015: Operator wise market share as on 30-11-2014. <<<>>>

4 FEB 2015: Commissioning of ZTE RNC:  ZTE RNC installed at N.D. Patel Road, Nashik was power on and commissioned by the auspicious hands of Hon. GMT Nashik Shri. Sureshbabu Prajapatiji in presence of Shri. A.M. Shah, DGM CFA-I, Com. M.B.Sangale Jt.Sec (W) CHQ, Com. S.A.Chavan CEC Member Shri. A.S.Barve, DE (Mobile), Shri. D.D.Wani DE (Mobile) and all the staff and executives of BSNL. After commissioning of this RNC, 90 BTS/Node B in Nashik city area will be catered by this newly commissioned ZTE equipment by swapping old 90 Alcatel BTS. In addition to this 19 BTS/Node B sites will be commissioned shortly in city area considering the upcoming ‘Kumbhmela’ at Nashik. <<<Photos>>>

4 FEB 2015:JTO to SDE Promotion stayed : In response to appeal filed against the CAT judgment in JTO to SDE promotions, Hon HC Kerala stayed the promotions for three weeks with directions to file the reply. Senior lawyer engaged by SNEA(I) strongly opposed stay on promotions of thousands of Executives for the sake of two applicants. Even though we are not made party in the appeal, our lawyer pleaded that if required, two vacancies for the applicants may be reserved. BSNL lawyer also opposed stay on promotions. However Hon Court given interim stay for 3 weeks.

4 FEB 2015: Landline & Broadband services 24X7 Customer care (Toll free): 1500(from BSNL Number) and 18003451500(from other operator number) CFA contact centre for landline and Broadband has started functioning. Contact centre at Deharadun is catering to North and West zone CDR data centre and Contact centre at Bangalore is catering to South and East zone CDR data centre. These contact centers are accessible to all existing and new BSNL landline and Broadband customers for landline and broadband service requests, complaints and queries.

4 FEB 2015: Our DS Com. S.A.Bhadane is on leave for some personal reason, as such the charge of DS will be look after by Com. R.R.Mahajan, ADS (Urban) till 28-2-2015.

31 JAN 2015:EDITORIAL JAN 2015 <<<>>>

31 JAN 2015: BSNL CO issued norms for allotment of vehicle and posting of staff in CM vertical / mobile unit at various levels such as SSA, Area and circle level. <<<Letter>>>

31 JAN 2015:Superannuation of Com P.D.Kunde SDE CR Cell Nashik :SNEA(I) Nashik whole heartedly Congratulates Com P.D.Kunde SDE CR Cell, Sanchar Bhavan Nashik  on his superannuation retirement today & wish him and his family members "A very Happy peaceful& Long Retired life.

        Com. P.D.Kunde (9422750295) is a senior & die-hard member of SNEA (I) Nashik and has taken active part in each and every activity of SNEA (I) Nashik. He is known for punctuality in office work. He joined DOT as Technician in May 1978 at Telegraph Deptt. Mumbai & in 1990 transferred as Technician to Satpur, Nashik. Then he was transferred to N. D Patel Road, Nashik in Oct 1995. He was promoted as  JTO in Jan 2002 and posted at Kalwan (Nashik).He worked as JTO at Kalwan up to May 2005. Com P. D. Kunde was transferred at Karjat(Raigad SSA) & promoted as Officiating SDE in May 2005. He also worked as SDE Matheran (Raigad) from 2006 to 2008.Then he was transferred to Sinnar (Nashik) in Nov 2008 & promoted as Regular SDE in Sept 2009  and posted as SDE Igatpuri(Nashik). From Nov 2012, till today he is working as SDE(CR cell) at Sanchar Bhavan,Nashik. Today he is completing 36 years of his dedicated services earlier in DoT & now in BSNL. Com.P.D.Kunde proved his talent in Satpur,Igatpuri & Raigad SSA in technical as well as administrative works. He is continuing his duties with same dedication & sincerity till the last day of his retirement.

        SNEA(I) Nashik salutes sincerity, dedication and affection of Com. P.D.Kunde  towards BSNL and SNEA(I). On behalf of all the Comrades in Nashik SSA we convey our best wishes for his new inning in long & happy retired life.

30 JAN 2015:Advertisement rates for 2014-15: BSNL MH circle approves advertisement rates for the year 2014-15 for various empanelled publishers for one year. <<<Letter>>>

30 JAN 2015: A meeting was held at Bhopal on 28-0-12015 to decide the key action points relating to network O & M. The meeting was chaired by CMD BSNL in presence of Dir (CM). The meeting was attended by CGMs, Sr.GM (NWO-CM), GM (NWP-CM) of west zone, GM (Nodal Center), Pune and his team. The major points of discussion were BTS/Node B downtime, network utilization at SSA level, network optimization should be carried out scientifically and regularly, measurement of 3G data speed at HOTSPOT for internal corrective action, proper utilization of battery sets, data testing for roaming SIMs, early commissioning of ZTE SGSN, CAF scanning status, resolution of complaints, etc. <<<Key action points>>>

30 JAN 2015: Congartulations: Dir (HR) cleared the proposal of SNEA (CHQ) for holding DPC from JTO to TES Gr. B up to the vacancy year 2013-14. We convey our sincere thanks to our CHQ and Dir (HR).

28 JAN 2015: DGM (Vig.), MH Circle issues instruction regarding reconciliation of cash/ cash product. <<<Letter>>>

28 JAN 2015: MOU signed with Canara Bank for extending various loan schemes to BSNL employees. <<<Letter>>> <<<MOU>>>

28 JAN 2015: CMDs Message : Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, CMD BSNL, in his special message to all unions & associations, thanks for the best wishes and appeal for concrete support from them for revival of BSNL.  <<<Message>>>

28 JAN 2015: Clarification regarding 2G & 3G SIM : Sr.GM CM(S&M) Mumbai issues clarification regarding 2G and 3G SIMs. He clarifies that all the SIMs are 3G irrespective of memory of the SIM card and can be configured as 3G for at par performance.  <<<Letter>>>


24 JAN 2015:  BSNL CO revised the rates of Inspection Quarters (IQ). The charges of IQ are uniform to all now throughout BSNL. <<<Letter>>>

24 JAN 2015:  AGM (Admn) Mumbai issued the guidelines for surrender of service mobile connection on transfer or retirement. <<<Letter>>>

24 JAN 2015:  BSNL CO issued circular on calculation of pension contribution in respect of BSNL employees who are retiring within six months. <<<Letter>>>

23 JAN 2015:  Com. S. A. Bhadane, DS SNEA (I) Nashik writes to GMT Nashik for granting informal meeting to settle various developmental as well as HR issues along with agenda points. <<<Letter>>>

23 JAN 2015: AGM BP & IT Mumbai endorsed the guidelines issued by DoE & IT for posting information on social website. <<<Letter>>>

23 JAN 2015: Submission of IPR for DEC 2014 : AGM(HR/Admn) Nashik issued letter for submission of IPR (Immovable property return) for P. E. 31-12-12014 upto 27-1-2015 in the prescribed format. <<<Letter>>>

20 JAN 2015:  Sad demise of Father of our GS :Our beloved GS lost his father at 18.00 Hrs. today on 20-01-2015. SNEA[I] Nashik shares the grief of our GS & his family and prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul. Last rites will be performed at Payyannur / Cannanore District / Kerala State on 22-01-2015 at 03.00 P.M.

20 JAN 2015:  BSNL CO issued clarifications on counting of service period for eligibility for appearing LDCE for SDE promotion. <<<LETTER>>>

20 JAN 2015: Presentation of Executive diary 2015 to Shri. Sureshbabu Prajapatiji GMT Nashik : The high level delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Com M.B.Sangale Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, Com A.R.Akhade DP, Com. S.A.Bhadane DS ,CEC Member Com S.A.Chavan, Auditor Com P.N.Patil Com. S.R.Kapadnis OS, Com. R.R.Mahajan ADS(U) & activist of SNEA(I),Nashik Com M.L.Kothawade, Com B.B.Nikam, Com. R.P.Gujrathi met Shri Suresh Babu Prajapatiji GMT Nashik  & presented the Executive Dairy-2015 printed by SNEA(I),MH at Nashik. Shri Suresh Babu Prajapatiji GMT Nashik appreciated the contents of Diary 2015 & told that this diary is very useful & informative. He also appreciated the contents of Diary 2015 specifically information related to Maharashtra Circle,  list of higher officers of MH circle, list of Executive of Nashik SSA, information related to ERP, NGN, contact details of all SSA Heads ,IQ etc. The diary also contains list of empanelled hospitals in Nashik SSA, list of members of district and branch body of SNEA Nashik.

            SNEA(I) Nashik & Com M.B. Sangale Jt.Sec (W) CHQ, appreciates the efforts & dedication of Com M.S.Adasul CS SNEA(I),MH, Com S.V.Bhad CP,SNEA(I),MH & Com P.N.Patil Circle Auditor towards making the Executive Dairy-2015 technically very informative. We salute to such great leadership for their devotion for taking the SNEA (I) to new height. <<<PHOTO>>>

20 JAN 2015: Congratulations!!! : SNEA (I) Nashik congratulates Com. P.K. Wani AAO (Pursuit cell) & Com. M.K. Mishra AAO (Civil & Electrical) for their regular promotion as A.O. and wish them all the best.

17 JAN 2015: BSNL’s contribution for grand success of “VENUNAAD”: The Transmission team of urban area of BSNL comprising of S. S. Pawar ADS(U) & SDE PCM , S. B. Pawar JTO ,R. M. Kulkarni JTO ,B. D. Ghuge JTO , S. R. Gangurde TTA ,R. R. Lole TTA, A. Mishra TTA  and others has provided  20 MBPS FTTH connection at eleventh hour within a very short period of 4 hours to "Venunaad" program arranged at Sadhugram on 12th January 2014 .This team worked hard for pulling O/H 4F OF cable from 800 meters ,crossing Aurangabad Highway ,H/T lines within very short time and provided  connection with satisfactory speed . Our team was continuously monitoring the media connectivity for good quality transmission of live program, which make World record of playing Flute by 4378 people at the same time on one stage at Sadhugram, Panchvati. This program was conducted in presence of Shri Shri Ravishankarji & Pandit Hariprasad Chourasia with excellent performance of BSNL NASHIK. SNEA (I) Nashik congratulate all the members of transmission team on this great achievement. Only mobile services of all the operators were hampered due to frequency JAMMER applied by organizer to avoid interruption in their program and security network.
17 JAN 2015: OM by DoPT on Filing of IPR (Immovable property return): Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) issued O.M. for filing of IPR (Immovable Property Return), and directed as-
  • The annual Immovable Property Return, as on 31.12.2014, under the existing CCS(Conduct) Rules, 1964 is required to be filed on  or  before 31.01.2015.
  • The first return under the Lokpal Act (as on 01.08.2014) should be filed on or before 30.04.2015.
  • The next annual return under the Lokpal Act, for the year ending 31.03.2015 should be filed on or before 31.07.2015. <<<Letter>>>

17 JAN 2015: AO Promotion: BSNL CO issued promotion order for 1552 JAO / AAO for their regular promotion to AO. All the JAO / AAO promoted from MH circle are posted in MH circle itself after promotion. SNEA (I) congratulate all the comrades on their promotion as AO. <<<Order I>>> <<<Order II>>>

16 JAN 2015: JTO to SDE Promotion Case: OA in Hon. CAT Ernakulam against JTO to SDE promotion is dismissed and give decision in favor of BSNL. Thus the hurdle in DPC from JTO to SDE is cleared. We convey sincere thanks and gratitude to CHQ, and request to peruse for conduction of DPC for issuance of promotion orders as early as possible.

16 JAN 2015: ACCHE DIN ANE WALE HAI: SNEA (I) congratulate Shri. Anupam Shrivastava Director (CM), a BSNL absorbed ITS officer on assumption of the charge of CMD BSNL. He has been appointed for a period of five years or till retirement whichever is earlier. He have 4 to 5 years of service for superannuation. SNEA (I) wish him all the success to revive our BSNL. <<<Order>>>

13 JAN 2015: Renewal of BSNL MRS card: AGM (Admn.) BSNL Nashik appealed to all serving & retired employees of BSNL to renew their MRS card with new one if there is a change of dependency of family members or if the issued card is in torn condition. <<<Letter>>>

13 JAN 2015: DE L/A Promotion: AGM (Estt.), MH Circle has called Vigilance clearance (VC) report for DE (Looking after) promotion. <<<Letter>>>

13 JAN 2015: Waiting list DE request transfer: AGM (Staff), MH Circle has published waiting list of request transfer applications of DE as on 31-12-2014. <<<Letter>>>

13 JAN 2015: SDE L/A Promotion to eligible officers: AGM (Staff), MH Circle has published the list of eligible JTOs for SDE (L/A) promotion, and requested to submit option latest by 20-1-2015 either by mail on or by fax on 022-26619902 through proper channel. <<<Letter>>>

13 JAN 2015: Modification in new Landline CAF: BSNL CO modified new Land Line CAF (Customer Agreement Form) as per TRAI guidelines. Now it includes a column of D.O.B.(Date of Birth). It will also add “STD facility is available by default” in terms & condition under sub heading “provision of services”. <<<Letter>>> <<<Modified CAF>>>

13 JAN 2015: Revised format for declaration of assets by public servants: Revised format for declaration of assets by public servants under “Lokayukt Rule 2013” is issued by Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT). Accordingly all the officers are required to file revised declarations, information as on 1-8-2014 by 30-4-2015. <<<Letter>>>

13 JAN 2015: OM by DoPP: Department of Pension & Pensioner’s Welfare issued O.M. for clarification regarding eligibility of disabled children for family pension after marriage and eligibility for two family pensions. The same are endorsed by BSNL C.O. <<<Letter>>>

09 JAN 2015: SUCCESSFUL THREE DAY DHARANA AT SANCHAR BHAVAN NASHIK CONCLUDED YESTERDAY: As per the call given by united forum of unions & associations for three days Dharana, almost all the comrades participated in it by applying casual leave for  revival of BSNL. All the executives and non executives of Nashik SSA give support to the demands raised by joint forum with great unity. Com. M.B.Sangle, Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, Com. S.A.Bhadane, DS and leaders of different associations & unions addressed and guided the mass gathering during the dharana program.

       SNEA (I), Nashik thanks sincerely to all the comrades, executives and non executives of Nashik SSA for their participation in the Dharana program with unity to make it a grand success. PHOTOS <<7.1.15>>  PHOTOS <<8.1.15>>

07 JAN 2015: FIRST DAY OF DHARANA AT SANCHAR BHAVAN NASHIK: With response to the call given by united forum of unions & associations for three days Dharana, the hundreds of comrades participated in full day Dharana at Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik to register protest against undue delay in settlement of genuine demands. The DHARNA will continue for another two days as per schedule. As the DHARNA is for survival and development of our beloved BSNL all the comrades participated with great enthusiasm and showed unity. PHOTOS <<>>

 05 JAN 2015 Dharna Program : 3 days Dharna on 06th, 07th and 08th January, 2015 at SSA/Circle /CHQ:  As per the decision of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, 3days Dharna will be held on 6th , 7th  & 8th  Jan, 2015. The charter of demands are related to BSNL revival only except 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL direct recruit employees and pension revision of the pensioners. All the members and office-bearers are requested to make extensive preparations for the Dharna on 6th, 7th & 8th Jan 2015. The members are requested to participate in the Dharna Program on scheduled date by taking appropriate leave. The team leaders are requested to remind the members through SMS /Ringing before & on scheduled date to participate in Dharna at Sanchar Bhawan.

List of members for Dharna <<< List- 6th Jan2015>>>, <<< List- 7th Jan2015>>>, <<< List- 8th Jan2015>>>

 03 JAN 2015 :Warm Welcome of all Executives of Electrical wing of Nashik in SNEA pariwar: Com.Subhashchandra H. Nikam EE(Ele),Com.Mangesh M. Joshi, SDE (Ele),Com. Devendra R. Kamod SDE (Ele), Com. Atul Ramchandra Kulkarni SDE(Ele), Com. Sadashiv S. Mahajan JTO(Ele), Com. Javed Ismail Attar JTO(Ele), Com. Suhas D. Kunjekar JTO(Ele) & Com. Mrs.Manisha D. Mandlik JTO(Ele) joined SNEA[I],Nasik in presence of Com M.B.Sangale, Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, Com. S.V.Bhad CP, Co. S.A.Chavan CEC Member, Com. P.D.Rade DE CC, DP Com A.R.Akhade ,Com. S.A Bhadane D.S., Com. S.S. Kulkarni, Com. C.R.Kadam, Com. N.G.Nikam, Com. L.P.Joshi, Com. P.G.Khule. We wholeheartedly welcome all the executives of Electrical wing of Nashik  into SNEA[I] Nashik Pariwar. All have shown faith on SNEA and joined mighty Executive association which has strong work force is dedicated to development of BSNL. Membership form of all the executives are submitted our DP Com. A.R.Akhade. Thus 100% executives from electrical wing has shown faith on SNEA and all joined SNEA under the dynamic leadership of Com M.B.Sangale,Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, Com. S.V.Bhad CP,Com A.R.Akhade DP & Com. S.A Bhadane D.S. PHOTOS <<>>

 01 JAN 2015 :Warm New Year Welcome 2015  The delegation of SNEA(I),Nashik comprising Com M.B.Sangale,Jt.Sec(W) CHQ, DP Com A.R.Akhade ,Com. S.A Bhadane D.S., Com. Jayant Adawade D.T., Com. S.R.Kapadnis, Com. M.L.Kothawade, Com. S.A.Chavan, Com. N.B.Patole, Com. B.N.Girase, Com. N.G.Nikam, Com. R.R.Mahajan met Hon.GMT Nashik Shri. Sureshbabu Prajapatiji  to give him best wishes on the eve of New year 2015. Taking this opportunity we discussed with him regarding deteriorated mobile services, he assured us that new ZTE BTS are to be redeployed in Nashik Urban area, for which meeting with GM(NWO) Pune Mobile will be arranged within two days,after that the services will be improved. He further tell that out of total 157 NODE B sites 86 are working on reliable media. And for 57 sites radio modems will be made available from Circle office very soon on top priority. The delegation congratulated Hon. GMT Nashik for his efforts and pursuation to get 104 Km. of drop wire from circle for providing NTC in Nashik SSA. PHOTO << << >>>>